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  1.  Ram 0 No wooly fillers here


    Cracking, fresh, vibrant, energised, tuneful, rocking, raw, polished and most of all thoroughly enjoyable.

    Why 4 stars then? There is not one bit of info in my double CD archive collection as to where the bobus tracks come from, whether their 'left-offs', B sides or anything. The Booklet is great with mnay photos of the time and the original album lyrics..... surely they could have found space to detail what I'm listening to?

  2.  A lad in the best form of his life


    The music on this album is as original, daring , bold , experimental and wonderful as the sleeve. Hugely ranging styles, weird, poignant and surreal lyrics, great production, great muicianship. Has Jean Genie and Drive in Saturday to-boot! His best by far.

  3.  Possibly their second best album; the last of their greats?


    After Trick of the Tail, their (new?) lead singer Phil Collins and crew set about making a follow up. Difficult - Trick of the Tail is probably their finest work, but they pulled it off. It's very English! Light progressive rock, melodies and sentiment. The (unsuccesful) single was the Mike Rutherford ballad 'Your own Special Way' which encapsulates the album. Well played, wistful melodies with a smattering of clever time changes, counter melodies and unusal, unexpected structuring. all produced with deftness and subtlety. For me they leave behind the era of Peter Gabriel completely with this album and begin to branch towards more commercial albums. The last of their greats in my opinion.

  4.  1962-66 - Brilliance


    I thought I'd review the album , not the service that Play.com have provided , be it excellent or otherwise.
    So, here goes........ "brilliance". Faultless perfection. In a time so rich with imagination and innovation the Beatles stood head and shoulders among their peers, dismissing filler album tracks when other artists would welcome them as (No.1) singles. (With a little help , Michelle, Ob bla di, , etc). Such a waelth of timeless classics - you can't go wrong !

  5.  The No1s by the No.1 band


    The first in so many respects. A band of this calibre will never be equalled. Such a waelth of styles, songs and innovations its difficult for anybody not to like most, if not all of their canyon of much envied brilliance. My only crticism of this particular 'best of' is that the song choice is limited to American or British Number ones. In my opinion their music is best represented by the red and blue albums 1962-66 & 1967-70 where their progressions and maturity can truly be appreciated as it evolves. of course there are FANTASTIC songs here - almost too good to absorb in one go.

  6.  Saxon delight


    Stonking stuff , this ! I'm not the worlds biggest Saxon fan , but credit where its due, this is awesome stuff. Hard edge riffy rock, great vocals, great packaging, superb production by Biff anf a certain Mr Jepson - an excellent album. If you like your rock with an edge, with passion, with strength, melody and power - this is it ! Their best for many years - even Don Airey makes an appearance.

  7.  Class at a budget price, shame about the packaging


    Well, the quality of the music is excellent. Slightly middle-of-the-road and almost easy listening by todays' standards , but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Its testament to how easy this music rests in your ears. Inoffensive, and tuneful. Sadly , the packaging , info and sleeve-work is virtually non existent and a woeful omission. 2 great pieces of album art consigned to a postage stamp replica in a cheap production. Shame !

  8.  Caribou - the forgotten follow up?


    Released next in line after Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, it seems to have been consigned to the ranks of the 'also-ran', but make no mistake, this is an excellent album. With two classic singles (almost) bookending the album 'Bitch is back' is a rocker to open any album and with the sublime 'Don't let the sun go down on me' as the albums tear jerker you know already we're talking quality. Some great moments in between 'Grimbsy' is about ... well, guess! Solar prestige a gammon is just a collection of words to a jaunty piece of vaudevillian escapism. But the real treat for me is the final (Original) album closer - 'Ticking'. A narrative about a gun touting mad-man being shot by the Police it is truly excellent, and criminally overlooked. This is an album to treasure. I regularly play this and with the added delights of the bonus tracks its in my list of 10 ten albums ever !! - and that aint easily achieved. If your reading this 'cos you don't know the album - buy it.....

  9.  Black sabbath by any other name


    Stonking rock, delivered impeccably by some of rocks legendary performers. Three quarters are black Sabbath, the vocalist Ronnie James Dio and together they provide a riff-laden, rock fest with attitude and melody. No complaints at all. This is a classic waiting to be recognised. Get it today.

  10.  Thunderous stuff


    If ever a bands' name defined their music - this is it. Riffing and rocking in all the right places, soaring vocals and melody to boot. This is British rock at its very best. This collection has everything that is great about this band (including live at Donnington dates not previously available on official release), and a few lost gems from the vaults. You can't go wrong.