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  1.  A Zelda side story


    I purchased this game with the feeling that it was going to be a hit or miss but for the price I did not mind. To my surprise I found this game vast and enjoyable. It tells the back story of Tingle the fairy wana-be, Your quest to get as much money (Rupees) as possable. Sound dull but is not. The story driven game and encharnting grapic style made me want to keep going. I was pulled into this game much like being pulled into a bucket of your faverate icecream. I would higly recomend this to any person who like the Zeld storylines. The only thing I would say is that your must be able to read to play this game as it can be text heavy at times.

  2.  Good old fashioned fun


    This was a very entertaining afternoon spent doing this puzzle. As per the last review you can finish the puzzle as long as you read the instructions and put it together the way it was designed to be build. The stand is nice to display it on when finished, (you put the stand bits in last) If you get stuck the puzzle has numbers on the back of them. The puzzle is made of plastic and are solid. This is a fun different puzzle.

  3.  Brillant game but not 3DS


    This game is amazing. You are given a cube of squares and have to delete the cubes that are not needed and end up with the required shape. This game a very addictive and fantastic for travel. Was stuck at the airport for 4 hours and this game keeped me entertained for the delay and the 8 hour flight.

  4.  all you need


    This a a nice case. It holds the 3DS and space for 3 game cards and a some styluses. Has a vinyl printed picture of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White on it. The zip is also made from the Pokemon logo. The only down side is that it dose not have room for the charger but great for chucking into your bag on a day out.

  5.  Truly the way to go


    I got my 3DS today and was blown away with it. straight out the box and it was working (had a 20% charge) It had the stylus pre inserted along with the SD memory card. After the setup you are introduced to the 3D screen, This is amazing and works very well. (downside is that is has limited viewing angles) You need to do a software update as well but this only took a few minuets. It has some pre installed games with it. I have only played the games with the cards! This is also amazing that you have to view the cards with the cameras and then shoot at dragons! The quality is very nice and feels nice to hold. I purchased mine with Pilotwings witch is a fun and good way to get used to the 3D. I would recommend this to all fans of handhelds. I can not wait for Professor Layton in 3d to come out later this year. The 3DS is also backwards compatible with your DS games as well. The one think I do like about this is that it comes with a cradle to charge your 3DS. This is a nice touch as it allows me to just drop it in and let it charge.

  6.  If you enjoy the films


    This book is well written and gives other peoples point of view of how Rage took hold and spread across the UK. It shows the full of the queen and how people lived after the infection. I liked this book but as others have said was a little short. I found the the 28 day later comic made up for this that follows the story line of the film and the lead up to 28 weeks later

  7.  Stunning Film, but blu ray?


    This is a stunning film. If you live in London as I do found it more chilling than someone who would live in Devon. The reason for the bad picture quality is that this film was made with digital films and not conventional cameras. As this saved time and money. Works very well and gives a nice feeling to the film. I would suggest getting this on DVD if you are overly fussed about the picture quality as it will look the same. Also the price of the DVD helps.

  8.  Based on the Demo


    This is a nice follow up game to the other Lego Star Wars games. The graphics have been improved to keep them up to date and fresh. The Space missions are large and set over different levels of play that you fly between with the help of the Jedi Straighter booster engines. The mini figure levels are fun and you can spit up with the rest of your party and play one part of the level away from your team, but you can jump between them. This was a very fun Demo and would recommend to old and new players alike.

  9.  A good remake of a classic


    This is a new take of the original nightmare. The concept of Freddy has be reworked with a take on some new (research that has been done after the original) It is full of gore and effects with little taken on the CG effects unlike Final Destination with lots of green screen. This film gives some "nods" to the original with deaths. This a good take with some twist of the original story and makes you think about Freddy as a man not just the monster.

  10.  Disney interactive at its best


    This game is amazing. If you have ever been to Disney World you will recognise many of the "worlds". This game is set in the world that Disney forgot. All the cartoons that have been archived and forgotten about means there are loads of different things to see, do and meet. You use the power or paint and thinner to create a world full of colour or a world without. The aim of the game is to beat the inky bad guys and escape this distorted Disney world. The only downside is that you can not go between the levels like Mario Galaxy but this can be overlooked. Well worth a try if you like platforming and Disney. This is a vast improvement over any past Disney Interactive game you have played in the past.