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  1.  What a gem!


    Loving this CD... heard only a couple of the tracks before, and they're all nice tunes. 1st CD is fairly standard dubstep, but the second is uber chilled. Recommended!

  2.  Manages to be even better than the first!


    What can I say - my favourite game. Loads more and bigger bosses and enemies, new interesting aspects ( I won't give anything away!) and even more amazing graphics, especially for somethings as old as a ps2! 11/10!

  3.  You wouldn't want to be Isaac Clark...


    What an amazing game - graphically it's spot on, with an amazing opening scene (visually) and strong visuals throughout. Even on lower settings it still looks great. Enemies are by far the scariest and well thought out in ANY game and shooting arms and legs off is loads more fun than standard old head shots. Play this game in the dark on your own and you have a serious recipie for wetting yourself. It's unbelievably atmospheric and the music is perfect. The boss fights can be intense and after certain parts of the game, you just have to just sit back and have a break from the utter madness and intensity. There's so much originality in this game, from the environments to the general gameplay. The game flows really well without cut scenes, and the story is really clever. It's delightfully gory and messy at time, climbing over a pile of pieces of necromorphs that you've just cut to pieces. I also love the various deaths scenes of isaac, again a very good addition that many games don't have.
    Overall, this is a truly terrifying and incredible game; certainly my all time favourite, and the greatest of the horror genre of all time I would say. If I was Isaac, I definately would've shot myself in the face at the very start... it's just so damn intense!

  4.  Great RPG


    This is a great that's a similar free roaming style to GTA, but with different cities to chose from instead. Storyline is good, graphics are really good and gameplay is fun. Car damage is really realistic for the ps2, and it's nice how you can get on boats too and even swim. There's a good choise of weapons in the game and little secret building and cars here and there add extra excitement to the game. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars from me is because I felt some of the missions were a bit on the shallow side and nothing that special, and also the game can be a bit glitchy at times.
    Overall though, a really fun game.

  5.  Old, but amazing


    This may be an old game now, but it's still truely epic, and was the first game where you could properly destory and tunnel through scenery. Okay, the graphics are a bit dated now, but this detracts nothing from the game. The storyline is epic, you can drive submarines/flying things/mining vehicles - just about anything you encounter, the list is endless. It's just about one of the most interactive games of its time and far after. Gameplay is amazing and there's so many different weapons. Love it!

  6. Black



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     Best FPS for the PS2!


    A great FSP with intense action, stunning graphics (for the PS2) and some epic levels. Weapons do such satisfying damage to your surroundings, and sometimes missing your target and just shredding up a wall is almost as fun. Grenade physics are perfect and realistic. Also one of those games where you can be relatively stealthy with silenced weapons, or just run in and go ballistic. Such an addictive shooter and one of the best games for the PS2.

  7.  Slick


    A really clever and slick film with a great twist and some cool violence. A great cast with Bruce and Morgan smashing it up as per and overall, just a really well-done film that I've watched countless times. One of my favourites.

  8.  Action packed - for half of it...


    The first half of the film was epic, origional, realistic, gritty and full of blood and explosions - a war filmies' dream! It had a great storyline and you really get attached to certain characters. However, although the actual story continues well during the second hour of the film, it does get a bit boring without much action, but this seems typical of most Japanese films.
    Overall though, a very enjoyable war film.

  9.  EPIC!


    I bought this CD after seeing Nero live in Liverpool, and it brought the memories flooding back! Epic tracks, well mixed for the CD and by the best group on earth. I'll cherish this CD and would like to be buried with it...

  10.  A really good game...


    This game does get some flak for being samey, unrealistic and boring after a while, but personally I thought it was a great game. The African landscape is epic and some of the sunsets and sunrises peaking through the jungle provides an absolutely stunning visual feast. Game play is fine, enemy AI is reasonable and there are so many ways you can do things - being an RPG effectively you can tackle missions differently which adds replay value. Weapons are good, although the rusting thing is just annoying sometimes, although it adds realism, and it could maybe do with a few more weapons available. Fire physics are amazing and add an extra dimension. And there's nothing like hiding up in the long grass on a hill and picking off confused guards from a guard station far below with a sniper rilfe, never gets old.
    Overall a great game with a good atmosphere and really fun gameplay, even if the story isn't the most magnificent in the wolrd.