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  1.  Excellent value


    For those on a budget, and love a bit of bass, the speakers are excellent value. They offer a good sound and the sub-woofer is really good. I bought them to use with my laptop and i have not been let down. The sub-woofer is adjustable as well, so if you dont like much bass you can change how much comes through to suit your taste. :)

    TO THOSE WITH PROBLEMS: The reason only 3 of your speakers are working is because the device they are connected to is not supporting a sound output of 5.1. They will be supporting 2.1 meaning only 3 work. If it is changed to 5.1 then all the speakers will work, it is not a fault with he speakers themselves.
    Hope this helps anyone with problems. :-)

  2.  Pretty good.


    The performance of these headphones is pretty good, the notes are very clear, and can hit them all very well. For me, the bass wasn't strong enough, my old V-Moda headphones produce more bass. When i put the EQ on Bass booster on my iphone, the bass came through well, but it was distored and rather annoying.
    If you want a good pair of headphones, at a good price buy these, but not if you like lots of bass.

  3.  Set aside the name


    This game is acctually pretty good. With it being an NFS title people thinks its going to be good, and it is. But its in a different way. The only problem i find is in the name. PRO STREET, its not a street game anymore, the races are based on tracks, which admitidly are very good. You get used to it in a while and stop missing the street. The races are organised in race days, which have about 5 races, wether they're grip, drag, drift or wheelie. The rest of the game is pretty much as you would expect. Range of cars is excellent and the customising is fantastic. I am really enjoying this game its just one thing that spoils it as ive said, the name. Got everyone excited 'Yea another street racing game' wrong, its track, great game but dont call it street when its track...

  4.  Best thing ever?


    Well... I think so, yes. Ever since I got my xbox i had to get live, and i am so glad i did. I would be lost if i hadn't. You play againt so many people an get so hooked to it, really enjoyable. Think about it, get a fps game and complete the campaign, what else can you do on it. Nothing! Get live an you can play the game you love againt other people an battle to be the best!

    The best £34.99 i have ever spent!

  5.  reply to below


    Yes indeed, this does work the all of the Xbox's. This is a real money saver. Pay 15quid for a few years or spend loads on batteries a year, its up to you! Hope this helps.

  6.  If your looking for a first 360


    If your looking to buy a 360 and you haven't yet had the premium of core then buy this. You get the HDMI cable which improves graphics if you have the HD TV. If its a present for someone and you got them the premium, the last thing you would want is them saying they want more memory and want the 120gb HDD, which is what comes with this and seperatly it costs £130. For the extra £50 you pay over the premium i think its worth the money. A quick note about the premium. Im not going to slag it off because i think i was unlucky, but the day i got it i got the 3 red lights and took it back. Because of them problems i decided to get the elite and not only was i impressed because it was quieter its in black =]

    All in all a great console.