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  1.  Stupidest game ever


    What is the point in a game where everywhere you drive you get shot or catch malaria. Yes the open world is all very cool and beautiful, but there are many equally as good open world games out there, if not better. Missions are miles from each other and the story leads to nothing. Wont be buying any of the Far cry series in a hurry.

  2.  Fail


    2K games have simply tried to remake Grand theft auto, but set in the early 1900s. For one the graphics are not half as good and the open world setting is tiny with only a limited amount of places to go. This was simply Awful, I didn't even complete it and returned it within a week.

  3.  Raises the bar on First Person Shooters


    Amazing graphics and brilliant storyline to the campaign make this a game to definitely buy with an unlimited amount of kill streaks and unlockables you never run out of anything to do.

  4.  Brilliant


    Online so much fun with an enjoyable campaign and great storyline. Amazing graphics and one of the best follow ups to a game, cant wait for MW3.

  5.  Better than the first, but could still be improved...


    Again Konami have made a saw game that was pretty much the same as before. Not much has changed, although they have tried to change the combat system, making it better in my case as there are set moves not just X or SQUARE. A very good story again with audio tapes and case studies but not much more to do in the way of thinking. Another plus to these saw games is that its nice to see a game which you have to think about rather than just spray bullets everywhere and HEADSHOT appear on the screen, however there is a limit people like to how much you have to think as this is why people play games, to get away from the real world and gain quick success. Not much different to the first game apart from the fact that the two endings depend on your decision at the beginning of the game which means if you want to see the other ending you have to play the whole game again.
    Fun but Konami should stay away from Saw as it has the potential to be good if certain elements are changed. Overall good fun but needs a lot of brain power.

  6. SAW



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     Good fun, but difficult


    This is a good game for those who love solving puzzles, I like a challenge but unfortunately not ones as difficult as this. Some of the challenges are impossible to complete in such a short amount of time and it really doesn't help when you retry and the puzzles are different. Graphics are not brilliant which didn't help when you have a game which needs good graphics to make it more spooky and building an atmosphere would make the game better as-well.
    I guessed the game was just going to lead on from the movies, however it was set between all of them and if the game was simply trying to copy the films, why does everyone have to survive Jigsaws challenges.The largest downfall for this game was the combat, boring and again very difficult, if you didn't hit someone first then you were dead.
    Although very challenging it was good fun and a reasonable storyline meant that it was quite complex with a well thought through storyline. All the case studies and audio tapes make you understand the story well and some great death scenes makes for fun viewing.