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  1.  A Must See!!


    Season three of The Wire continues to prove that this is quite simply the best show on television, ever. The focus of the third season shifts back towards the Barksdale crime organisation, although now the politics of "the business" have become much more complicated. The show also continues to break new ground however, giving a true insight into neighbourhood policing as it properly introduces the Western division, under the command of Major "Bunny" Colvin. Also playing a huge role in the storyline is the backstabbing and wrangling of Baltimore City Hall. And of course everything is connected.

    As usual with The Wire, the acting is second to none. Once more some of the new characters take centre stage, although never at the expense of the characters we have grown to know (and mostly love) over the previous two seasons. The beauty of the Wire is its complexity; it just draws you in and makes you want more. The story and characters constantly evolve, and the minute I finished this season I wanted to do two things - watch the entire season again (or perhaps the entire series!), and watch the next season as soon as possible.

    Entertainment in any form gets no better. You must watch this show.

  2. Dreams


    The Whitest Boy Alive - CD



    The Whitest Boy Alive is Erlend Øye's most recent project. Their music is simple, tuneful and poppy, with great bass and drum beats. The songs aren't as quiet as those of the Kings of Convenience, the lyrics not as deep, yet there is great energy to most of the songs.

    I absolutely loved this album. I am a huge fan of Erlend, and I think this is his best work yet. The opening five songs are close to perfection, fantastic tunes that you will listen to again and again. The rest of the album isn't up to this standard however (hence four rather than five stars), but they are still excellent songs. This album was my favourite record of the summer, so definitely check it out.

  3. Untrue


    Burial - CD

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     The future is now...


    I had never heard of Burial until I read a few reviews of this, his second LP, and I was immediately intrigued. The rave reviews in the press declare Burial to be an underground genius. After listening to this album practically non-stop for the last few weeks I am in no position to disagree. The sounds here are definitely unique - there are echoes of the Aphex Twin, Massive Attack and early DJ Shadow, but overall the album is different from anything I've ever heard before. It washes over the listener in sonic waves, every listen reveals something new, a sound or echo you had not heard before, a voice or emotion. To be honest it is almost impossible to describe his music. All I can say is that if you are a fan of serious electronic music, and want to experience something beautiful and "now", then this album is it. Possibly my favourite album of the year, of the last few years even, check it out...

  4.  Save the cheerleader, save the world


    Heroes is an excellent TV show. Season One starts off brilliantly, with some episodes that are brilliant. Nearly every episode ends on a cliffhanger, which leaves you begging to see the next episode immediately. Thus on DVD is the best way to watch it.

    That being said, Season One does run out of steam slightly. There is a definite drop in quality in the last four or five episodes, perhaps due to the creators trying to fit too much in. The last episode especially is a let down (apart from the very last scene of course). However, when it is at the top of its game there is no show as exciting or as exhilarating as Heroes. It is filled with great characters, especially Hiro, the true hero of the show! The creative minds behind Heroes also deserve great credit for bringing something new to the table. I would have given this a higher mark only for the fall off at the end of this first season. But it has great potential, especially as the show keeps shocking the viewers with more and more surprises. Bring on season two!

  5.  Genius


    This show is completely off the wall. As disturbing as it is funny, you won't ever have seen anything like this, even by the demented standards of Chris Morris. Although this show is crazy and weird, it also has some of the funniest sketches I have ever seen. I totally love it, and it is a great DVD to pull out and shock people with! Not to everybody's taste it has to be said!! At the end of the day, this is the work of a genius - how many DVDs can that be said of?

  6.  Unique television


    Veronica Mars is a surprisingly good TV show, full of wit, comedy and drama. Of course the happenings in Veronica's high school are way over the top, but that just adds to the fun. The story develops over the season, with three main story arcs, all of which have plenty of twists and turns. There is also quite a dark side to the proceedings which add a serious edge that would otherwise be missing. The cast is very good, especially Kirsten Bell as Veronica, and Enrico Colantoni as her dad Keith.

    Overall this is a unique show, always interesting and entertaining, so I would definitely recommend it.

  7.  Amazing!!


    I cannot recommend this show highly enough. It is totally original, with a bizarre sense of humour. It has murder, mystery, drama, comedy and horror. Plus you really can never know what will happen next.

    Twin Peaks has also stood the test of time - it is a true classic TV show and cannot be missed.

  8.  Five star!!


    I used to be addicted to Oz back when it was first on television, very late at night (obviously!) on Channel 4. It was like nothing else on television at the time, ultra violent and dark, a real breakthrough for HBO and the forerunner for shows like The Sopranos, and Six Feet Under. With so many of the actors from Oz appearing on what has to be the best TV show ever, The Wire, I decided the time was right to revisit the first season of OZ on DVD.

    Thankfully the show is as truly excellent as I remember. It makes Prison Break seem like an episode of Sesame Street! Even by today's standards it is still very violent and nasty, but it never less than engrossing. I am looking forward to catching up with the next five seasons of Oz, and I would recommend this to anybody who has an interest in intelligent entertainment (although be warned, it is not for the squeamish or easily offended).

  9.  A great French movie


    Tell No One is easily one of the best DVDs released this year. It is a very exciting thriller with a complex plot that keeps you guessing throughout. The acting is first rate, as is the directing - the chase sequence (which is on foot) is simply stunning. The soundtrack is also very fitting, the use of Jeff Buckley's version of 'Lilac Wine' is simply perfect.

    This is a surprising and excellent movie, an intelligent film that has a great love story at its heart, as well as brilliant action set pieces. I would recommend anybody who loves film to check it out.

  10.  Excellent Comedy


    This is a great show, very funny. At first the characters are very hard to like, but as the episodes progress they slowly begin to grow on you. The pedigree of the show is evident in the fact that Larry Charles is an executive producer and writer. Although the first season isn't as funny as shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development, there are some great moments here such as Vincent's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show, or when Gary Busey has an art exhibition. And Jeremy Piven is truly excellent.

    This first season is a bit short, with only eight episodes. And the later seasons are definitely better. But I would still recommend this DVD because Entourage is definitely in the top three comedy shows on television.