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  1.  Incredible


    Be prepared to devote months of your life to this extraordinary game.

    If you're unsure, just read some reviews!

    For 18 quid, you'd be crazy not to give it a try.

  2.  Ok - Nothing special


    Ok... I may be judging this by high standards as I've spent the last month on Red Dead Redemption (a nearly perfect game)...

    But this Bond title was pretty drab by comparison. The enemies are very easy to take down. Lots of walking down empty corridors early on in the game. The story is typical Bond. The cut scenes are pretty good (not as detailed as RDR, but ok).

    It's just a little formulaic.

    It does somehow seem to get better as you progress. The graphics range from ok, to pretty good. The graphics on the driving levels are excellent.

    Overall, it just felt a bit "meh" to me. Doubt I'll be going back to hunt trophies once I've gotten to the end. Not tried multiplayer yet.

    Good value for 12.99 though, and I'll be interested to see the next Bond title.

  3.  Fun frantic gory action!


    Really fun game, ridiculous zombie action, frantic reloading. The storyline is total grindhouse.

    The official white handgun is well made and adds to the fun.

    Well worth a look!

  4.  Overlooked gem


    This game is fantastic - full on arcade style action.

    Took a couple of games to get used to working with the CPU team mate and giving him instructions, but once that was figured out this couldn't be simplier to play.

    As the other review said, I also played the SNES version to death so was excited to hear of this release. It's certainly true in spirit to the original classic.

    Easy pick-up-and-play FUN.

  5.  REALLY short


    Not been online yet... but the single player mode is insanely short.

    I rarely finish games because I don't have hours of free time to spend playing... however, when the end credits appeared I was really suprised - as I guessed I was less than half way through the game!

    Anyway, nice graphics and feels less arcadey than Cod:MW2... but unless the online mode is genius I can't see this one having a very long life.

    A shame - as it has some moments of real class.

  6.  A detailed analysis


    This book offers a detailed analysis of what motivates and drives the characters.

    It explores Tony's journey throughout all six seasons, how he interacts with others, how he manipulates them, and how the other characters are used to show different aspects of his personality.

    It explores subtext, the roles of Christopher and Jackie Jr as surrogate children to Tony, Carmella's complicity in Tony's crimes, Tony's relationship with Livia and Junior, his relationship to Tony B, what Pie Oh My really meant to Tony and the destructive forces that lead to his relationship with Gloria Trillo.

    It also explores the rich symbolism of the series.

    This is not a simple episodic index with a few character biographies thrown in, neither is it a hastily researched essay about the media with The Sopranos shoehorned in to get fans' money.

    It is a detailed examination of the themes and characters of The Sopranos.

    An entertaining and rewarding read which leaves the reader with an even greater appreciation for the work of art that is The Sopranos.

    A bit expensive. But you get what you pay for!

  7.  Amazing


    It's obvious how much thought and care has gone into this amazing game. The storyline is gripping and the characters are fun and likeable. The graphics are spectacular and it plays like a dream. I can't recommend this game highly enough.

  8.  FNR3 Fans should love it too


    As a big fan of FNR3 I delayed buying FNR4 because I knew it would lead to FNR3 ending up on the shelf gathering dust. I didn't want that to happen because it was my favourite game! I relented when I saw FNR4 for under £20 on Play.

    Initially, I was not impressed with the modified FNR4 controls. They didn't seem as instinctive or responsive. However, after a few fights I'm now used to them and think the boxer handles more realistically. It was too easy on FNR3 to throw a series of haymakers and destroy your opponent - you can't do that on FNR4, so fights are more competitive. Counterpunching and your opponent's A.I. has also been improved - you can't get a cheap win anymore.

    The online has also been improved; your boxer now always fights from left of screen - so it's easier to find an opponent and don't spend ages with people cancelling on you (which was the worst thing about FRN3 online!)

    You are also able to download free user-created boxers; I've had Naz, Eubank, Benn, Khan, Rocky, Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago so far! You can find them by "highest rated" and "most downloaded" to make sure you get the best version - as there are often several versions of the same boxers.

    Graphically, the game has improved and some of the glitches have been ironed out. The boxers are more solid and there haven't been any instances of punching straight through an opponent!

    Highly recommended game. A lot of improvements which did not seem apparent at first. Recommended to FNR3 players who are skeptical and have read mixed reviews.

  9.  Nostalgic - but limited moves


    Couldn't pass this game up when I saw the classic characters!

    It's fun enough, the graphics are pretty good (not as good as I was expecting though). The main problem is the lack of manouvres you can do. Each match seems to be a matter of throwing as many punches as possible in order to charge up the "special move" bar; and once you've done that it only gives you one combo.

    I remember the SNES Royal Rumble having more variety!

    Has anyone else found this?

    A shame, because this could have been really good.

  10.  Street Fighter 4


    Very easy to pick up and play, classic characters and you don't need three hands to do combo moves. Nice 3D flourishes which don't feel out of place.

    It's like the SNES classic. On crack.