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  1.  Excellent


    Can only repeat what has been said by others.. I really really liked the movie, with strong characters and excellent acting from all sides, the best choice I can imagine for both Dredd and Anderson. Ma-Ma's character is not that well built up but thats ok. Keeps being a great movie till the end - definitely getting it!

  2.  Great movie, good story, good acting, fantastic visuals. 5*


    I simply loved the whole movie as it is. The actors are great (yeah even the kid!), visuals are amazing and crystal clear - you see every little bit of the action, not a visual mess like the transformers movies (Michael Bay should borrow these animators)
    The story is quite alright too (you feel like you heard it before, the presentation will make you forget about that though..)
    The robot fights are amazingly realistic and the most exciting thing I have seen on screen for long time.
    A little negative, I thought it was stretched a bit too long, maybe it's just me..
    Still it is a 5 star movie, good for family too, definitely recommended!!

  3.  good movie with too much idiotism


    The movie itself is quite good with lots of suspense-Jodie foster style,unfortunately the idiotic Hollywood things come up very soon. *spoiler alert*
    our "hero" attacks/abuses passangers, creates panic, messes with the airplane's systems (correct me if I'm wrong here, but I dont think a propulsion engineer knows too much about which wire to rip out to turn off the lights etc..). Basically she is risking the life of hundreds of passengers, in the end she even blows the plane up (guessing it's not cheap).
    As you may suspect, in real life you would be arrested immediately, quite possibly executed on the spot. In a hollywood movie you get a smile/nice tap on the shoulder for the job well done, from all the passengers whose journey have turned a nightmare and almost been all killed.
    Any good the movie is, can't say anything good for so much idiotism.

  4.  So much fun from such a little thing!


    First of all delivery was really quick,that's already a great positive! And the heli.. well its just so much fun..having that little thing buzzing in front of you:)
    It takes a while to learn to control, but you will enjoy it so much! my wife had a go too and she loved it! :D
    Most amazing is, how this little but fast bugger can survive! The first few crashes were ugly..very ugly..and the chinook just flies on like nothing happened!
    If you are looking for a great present for the men in the house, don't go any further. It's impossible not to love it!:)

  5.  AWESOME!


    A great deal of fantasy in this one, lovely graphics and music, an excellent game for any age! played it twice already and not bored of it! best way to chill out if you get overloaded with killing games:)

  6.  Avoid..unless you are totally into comics!!


    First of all, I respect those who have different taste to mine and like this movie..I personally hated the time it wasted from my life, when it ended I just kept asking myself "what the hell was that...??!?!"

    It feels like they tried to ride the fame of Sin City but had only $200 to make the movie..The visuals are trying to copy Sin City but probably didn't have the same technology as it looks cheap, like somebody just turned it into black and white with some red. Doesn't work like it did in SC..

    The characters are empty, really really empty, don't expect to see a Marv here or any girl action like in SC. Can't blame the actors, they had nothing to play pretty much..!
    and the story... well there really isn't one..
    I DO love comics, I used to have lots of them and so I like movies made of them. but not this one, no...

    I personally strongly recommend to avoid it, seriously....I'm glad I only borrowed the DVD from a mate, if I paid money for this in a cinema I would have aggressively demanded my money back..