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  1.  Awesome game!


    I really enjoyed Killzone 3, but they're also added improvements

    - Co-op splitscreen campaign mode (wireless controller only)
    - Faster character reaction (KZ2 felt a bit sluggish, probably for realism)
    - 2D or 3D gaming experience
    - More challenging multiplayer modes (love the jetpacks!)
    - Move controller compatible

    Get it - you know you want to! See ya online :)

  2.  A must for dedicated fans and trophy hunters


    The description of the book shown on play.com is pretty detailed so I'll try to avoid too much repetition.

    This is a beautifully illustrated book and is well structured so that you can find what you need quickly and gives spoiler warnings. It covers how to play, the main story and side quests and extras and suits all formats of the game (so not just PS3).

    I bought this some weeks back before there was much (free) help on the web, although I must say, I haven't referred to it as often as I did with say Fallout 3, but if you're after to 100% complete it, then the screen capture and descriptions are a must. It also includes sections on special white and black editions of the game and "uplay" information (credits you get for completing sections of the game which you can then unlock cool things like Altair outfit, PS3 theme, bigger knife belt etc.)

    It's just over 1cm thick so quite light compared to alot of strat guides, but as it's so well made and I got mine for under 10 pounds which I think it's worth it and why it got 5 stars and not 4.

  3.  Awesome Sequel


    Well it seems that the talent at Ubisoft have taken all the feedback from the first game and done a grand job whilst keeping the beautiful in-play graphics - the cities are incredible and so fun to explore; however, as another reviewer mentioned, the character models outside of gameplay are rather poor, but the rest is staggering.

    Some improvements in this one include:
    - You can swim, and dive beneath the surface to hide (but not explore)
    - If you fall you can press the circle button to try and grip again - has saved me a couple of times. Also if you press the X button it can reduce the damage you take.
    - There are shops where you can buy medicine (you don't heal as fast, but now can do something about it, even mid combat), armour, and other things to customise your character or improve your villa (later in story but a good villa gets an income so you can get better kit).
    - Lots more weopons, alot you unlock during story gameplay
    - Great story and credible characters
    - Lots of optional sidequests which aren't just saving someone from a beat up
    - Good controls and clearer indicators about your wanted level and how to get rid of it
    - Different guard types so not all can free run
    - Great fighting techniques, you can make some very cinematic displays with practise
    - "Loot the bodies" (not everyone will get that reference)
    - More creative assassination options

    Overall a fantastic game, and although some may say it's a little slow to start, I didn't mind as it fitted the story. If you enjoyed the first, then you'll love this second!