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  1.  A new story of "Never was so much owed by so many to so few"


    This is not a "documentary" only. I would reccommend to buy this dvd for some beautiful photography of Africa, for an excellent editing that make the story flows at the right pace and rhythm, for its revelations about a rough subject ignored by all media. But that is not enough, there is a lot more. In the Shadow of the Sun reveals the truth about an untold reality of injustice, discrimination and cruelty against albinos in Tanzania. This a story of courage of so few people in a really dangerous enviroment that would be an example for so many living in theirs modern, peaceful and more "civilised" countries. Everyone could pay close attention to this story, even if you are not interested in albinism in Africa, because it is about humanity as human beings, and Humanity as Kindness, Compassion. The lower case for "humanity" as human beings is not a mistake: despite of the cruelty of human beings (for ignorance or greed), Humanity of the main characters, Josephat and Vedastus, is the only answer (and dignity is what they desperately ask for). Humanity is the true triumphant winner. The story is told with respect and sincerity through the life of Josephat, Vedastus and a lot of other albinos (A LOT of them are children) and succeed in representing this subject in the correct way and instigating a change hopefully in albinos lives in Africa and, in respect of their efforts, in our lives too.
    Thanks to Josephat, Vedastus, Kabula, Harry Freeland and his team that told me a story of Humanity and Dignity that enriched me. I will tell this story to my two little sons when they grow up.

  2.  As a good book that gets better page after page


    A bit slow in the beginning, but you will be rewarded for your patience. Fable 3 is a good book that gets better page after page...and you can't stop reading...and you tell yourself: an other couple of pages and I will stop. You won't fire at everything you see, but you have to...shake a lot of hands! Lionhead and Peter Molyneux know perfectly how to tell you a beatiful tale...oh sorry: FABLE. The Collector's Edition is a wonderful, not for the extra content, but for the packaging itself.

  3. Pure


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £18.34  Free delivery

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     Racers Just Want to Have Fun


    If you don't like quads, I agree. If you think acrobatics on bikes are dangerous without any sense, I agree.
    Pure can change your idea. I played Pure and it's one of the best driving (me mad) game. Technically competent, addictive and fun.

  4.  Best attempt of air warfare simulation on console


    Really good graphics and sounds for a console "flight" simulation. Better than other competitor's but still controls didn't make you feel as you play on PC. If are an orphaned PC flight simmer like me, I can recommend this new chapter of IL-2.

  5.  All United Colors of Wii


    The perfect recipe of the games we really want to play on wii:
    1 Shot of colored pencils and watercolors (that we used when we were little children. We loved to paint...everywhere!)
    1 Shot of hole labyrinth game (do you remember that old toy with a steel ball?);
    1 Shot of wizball (a classic c64 and amiga game).
    Combine in wii-shaker pouring a bit of nintendo difference. Add a humurous story. Add responsive controls and immediate playability. Serve it to all kind of players.
    If you bought a wii, buy de blob or buy a wii to play de blob

  6.  The Suffering: to be, or not be...bad.


    It's not a technical outstanding videogame (good graphics and sound although), but it has GREAT atmosphere. Playability isn't that original, but the story is something...different. You are a prisoner, convicted for murdering your wife and two sons, but you actually don't remember anything concerning that terrible crime. You are convicted in a not so ordinary prison: Abbott State Penitentiary is a prison on a strange island where strange thing happen. At the end of the game, your actions will make the difference if you will be redeemed or damned for ever.
    Don't look at the average graphics and go for a boost of adrenaline and suspence...with a lot of old good running, shooting, exploring and a little of puzzling, of course.

  7.  Doom 3. One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back.


    I like traditional FPS so I appreciate Doom 3. I admit it could be better in gameplay. If you are a tad tired of the old FPS school (shoot, shoot and shoot again), then Half Life 2 Episodes are a better choice.

    - Very good graphics (1280x1024 with Pentium 4 3ghz, NVidia 6600GT and 1GB RAM)
    - good sound with surround speakers
    - excellent atmosfere of fear and uncertainty
    - good idea to tell the plot with PDAs left behind by dead men containing audio files and emails discribing what happened before your arrival (although, I would like some epic Computer Graphics sequence to remember...)

    - graphics are a bit too dark (I suggest Falken's Light Mod that mounts lights to ALL guns)
    - too linear gameplay
    - very simple Enemy's AI

  8.  Call of Duty 2€Where Eagles Dare


    Magic (war-gaming) moments:
    first it was Omaha Beach in Medal of Honor...
    Then it was Volga crossing in Call of Duty...
    Now Call of Duty 2.

    You can say it is the same old game in WWII scenario, I agree.
    But when You see it on 32'' Tv widescreen with beasty PC graphics, stunning effects (the smoke effect is really superb) and 5.1 surround sound pumping in your ears, you can be really happy.
    Play it at veteran difficulty and you'll enjoy the most immersive WWII experience as seen in great war movies as Saving Private Ryan, Brothers in Arms and so on.

    - immersive WWII experience
    - really good gamepad controls, you won't regret trusty old mouse and keyboard (finally!).
    - very good graphics and stunning effects
    - awesome sound (with 5.1 speakers system)
    - good AI for Allies, especially in covering.

    - Same old (good) Nazi-turkey shooting
    - Too easy at default difficulty (veteran difficulty is much more rewarding)
    - It doesn't last long.

  9.  Let€s Bump€n€Jump(*)!


    Everyone knows Burnout franchise...I mean, everyone interested in racing games, arcade racing games with a marked inclination for destruction and spectacular crashes. Burnout Revenge is the fourth game in the series...and this is won't be the last one, considering the great success of the franchise.
    The reason of this success is a really simple and straight approach to racing gameplay: enter your car, hit badly the accelerator and don't mind about what happens outside. Actually, it's encouraged to bump into the traffic, more the damaged, more points scored. A strange hysteria grabs drivers in the congested traffic of modern metropolis, sort of killing hysteria. Stressed drivers, now your dreams come true! You can finally express yourself without any inhibitory brakes: accelerate, bump into the nearby cars, insert the turbo, make everyone bite the dust, shot into the tunnel at top speed and on the wrong side of the road, just one rule: never brake!
    The sense of speed is Burnout's best thing: everything is as quick as lightening and smooth.
    Graphics are shiny and detailed, but - compared with Xbox version - one would expect something better from a next-gen game. Sound is an assorted mix of classic racing effects, but it is worth connecting to a Dolby Surround system: driving on the wrong side of the road, surround effect when cars passing by is pure adrenaline. I would say "Don't try it for real"...politically correct advice, but completely pointless except for those with suicidal and homicidal mania.
    Gameplay is typical arcade, so game's physics isn't realistic, but don't try to ram into the opposite-way traffic unless you want to destroy your car deliberately. There are lot of shortcuts, that add a little of variety and push into exploring different paths. The crash mode is still there and now you can even create more catastrophic accidents than before: more the damage caused, more the redeeming power generated.
    "Rival" system is the most interesting gameplay concept introduced in this version of Burnout: it happens that an other car smashed into yours. From that moment, it's marked as "rival" and you have to take revenge smashing it, getting credit to succeeding in it. Do you understand now the meaning of "Revenge" in the title?
    No more nonsense! "Rival" System works and is a good improvement, even if some crashes happen without any reason either you are victim or executioner. We already told about arcade gameplay so "physics" may be unpredictable sometimes. After all, it is a minor glitch we can live with.
    Another little improvement is mid-race crashbreaker: when you smash into a wall, you can make your car detonate like a bomb, taking other cars out with you. In previous versions, this feature was available only in crash mode.
    Traffic Attack mode is the one I prefer. It is really simple, it' a race against the clock: you have to ram into other cars (beware to opposite-way traffic) and cause more damage possible because every additional vehicle destroyed will give you additional time ...to cause much wreck and so on. To be honest, it seems to play to a crazy version of bumper car at amusement park. Mechanics also remember air hockey game: the mallet is your car and the pucks are the other cars.
    In conclusion, Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360 doesn't have major improvements you could expect from a next-gen title, but who cares if it is so fun. Buy Project Gotham Racing 3 to drive into next-gen, but if you have spare cash, buy also Burnout Revenge...you won't regret it!

    (*) Old gamers trivia: does anyone remember Intellivision "Bump'n'Jump!"?

  10.  Falcon4: where no simulation has gone before.


    It was the Microprose Era. For an old gamer like me, Microprose was synonymous of top-notch simulation, huge manuals, big and beautiful box (carton box, not that plastic Dvd box): the final result was sensation to-be-there, in the cockpit. It creates a world worth to live, a world worth... flying even if it was all between your mind, eyes and screen.
    In 1998, when Microprose released Falcon 4.0, it was the definitive F-16 simulation. I think, THE simulation. Even if it was very bugged, I never regret any minute spent playing...er...flying.
    Then simulation niche market collapsed. Microprose closed. Falcon's franchise, too. Falcon's web community became the reference for every Falcon orphaned pilot and released a lot of mods. I say "pilot" because to master that simulation, you have to have to study manuals, procedures, maps. Maybe someone think this is a game and I don't want to study anything, but - let me assume the odd teacher's role - studying the manual (huge one) adds deep in gameplay and gives real satisfaction.
    In 2005, Graphism Entertainment released Falcon 4.0 Allied Forces, developed by Lead Pursuit. Falcon strikes back!
    Falcon 4.0 Allied Forces has its roots in the original Falcon 4.0, but it adds improvements to a lot of simulation's main aspects: stability (the first real problem in the original version), artificial intelligence, dynamic campaign , multiplayer. It also improved some other aspects as the user interface, graphics, campaign theatre (It adds the Balkan Campaign).
    The retail box (not a dvd one, God bless Graphism Entertainment!) contains a 110-page printed manual, that covers most important features of the F-16 and is a good start for new players. The original Falcon 4.0 manual was far better, but for the hardcore (and swot) simmers there is a 716-page PDF manual included in the CD game. This manual is very accurate, contains a lot of color images and is worth printing. Maybe expensive but if you have a minimal interest in flying and aircraft, do you a favor: print it.
    The Intro sequence is changed and it is a good video footage of a real F-16. I still prefer the original one but it may be nostalgia. The user interface is clear and functional: a good improvement of the original one, inspired to previous community mods.
    Now it's time to take off. First thing you notice is the graphics and I'm happy to say that there is a lot of improvements in several aspects:
    - high resolutions graphics and high detailed 3D models for most of the aircrafts.
    - Excellent 2D and 3D cockpit. You can click on almost every button and lever in the cockpit. For new comers that "jungle" of buttons is confusing, but there is an easy setting that simplifies avionics and so the buttons to know.
    - Terrain well lighted and populated, even if a little sensation of repetitive texture still remains flying at high altitudes.
    - Weather effects change dynamically during a campaign.

    Sound isn't so enhanced as the graphics, it seems all the same the original version. Actually I didn't heard any F-16's engine roaring so I can't tell if it is similar to real one. I feel it as a realistic one, so I'm satisfied.
    The best part of original Falcon was the dynamic campaign. The campaign is immersive: you feel to be part of a more complex operation and you can actually contribute to the final victory, succeeding in your own mission. It's not one-against-all like ordinary story in ordinary videogame. Falcon doesn't require an hero, but a good and disciplined pilot. In conclusion, this new release is a good enhancement and a solid product on its own. If you have only a little interest in jetfighter simulation and modern air warfare, there's really no choice: buy it and...watch your 6, always!