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  1.  100% Pleasure to listen too


    Mark Knopfler is one of the most talented musicians around. I'd like to meet anyone who can actually say he can't sing he's an absolute musical genius. This is true music unlike the xfactor.

  2.  Sha ting


    Can not wait for this to come out keith lemon is absolutely hillarious and is leigh francis's best charachter by a long shot. Seen all the series love it gets better everytime you watch it. too celebrate the release I might just pee on a fox.

  3.  Brilliant


    This is an original idea and an absolute classic great stuff. Karl is absoluely hillarious his moaning is great and his naivitiy will make you laugh so hard that you accidentally wet your pants have a spare pair on stand by. Can not wait for the 2nd series.

  4.  Pussay Patrol


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA woops ive acidentally wet myself laughing so hard. This is comedy at its best so many funny episodes too chose from you cant chose a favourite GREAT just GREAT.

  5.  No thanks


    Seen this before the famous inbetweeners came to our screens. This is a very average british movie lets just say its 1hour n 26 minutes of my life that im not getting back.

  6.  Nearly Purrrrr fect


    Really good film and worthy of 4 stars any day its an absoulte great version of a classic story. If you have not seen it yet then buy it absolute bargain at 3.99.

  7.  Cant wait for this to come out


    Love ideal always have seen all the series on t.v but for some reason dont own them sow when this comes out will be buying it. Out of all 7 series there isnt one bad one at all there all great and funny and never gets boring. Isnt a bad price either for all 7 series in one.

  8.  Funny as always


    Always been a big fan of ideal and it just isnt getting any less funny. Some series you get two great series then it goes down hill but ideal just seems to keep delivering as long as they keep up the quality then I hope theres more to come. Worth 5 stars easily.



    Anything less than 5 stars would be an insult to a great film. This really is one of them great family films that you can sit down and watch on a rainy Saturday. Very funny in some parts a family classic.

  10.  Hahahahahahahaha i'm still laughing from it


    Always was a big fan of little britain and thought nothing else they would do could be as good but this is if not better. Absoulutely hillarious and some of the charachters are great such as the couple that always complain. Very good idea to do this and I just hope there's a 2nd series or they do something else like it. It's so close to the programmes like Luton airport which makes it that bit funnier.