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  1.  Pretty good.


    I am a huge sim fan.
    Although, there is a few things lacking in this game.

    1. When you sleep (sometimes) the time doesn't speed up. It's slow down from time to time, and when you're working; the time doesn't speed up, so im waiting for a good 5/10mins before my sim is at home again.

    2. There is only one area where you can actually be, and there needs to be much more houses to buy and more people.

    3. I have to make a new family each time. Unlike sims 2, you could just create a family right away and move them in, then remain doing the same thing. Plus, they meet new people as well and are actually IN the game when you do meet a new family. The sims 3 doesn't have that.

    That's mainly my problems with this game. I like the fact they have tried it to make it look real, and it isn't bad at all. I enjoy this game alot, but as i said above; only a few things lack here and there. I feel like it has been rushed in some-way.

    HOWEVER, there is alot to do in this game. It maybe a little tad slow for the 360, but its a good game. I would give it a 3 star, but since im a sim fan, im giving it a 4 for now.

    I hope they bring out a sims 4, and make it better than anything. This time, hopefully not rushed in any way as possible.

  2. Lair



    Available  used  from  £1.88

     Loved it.


    I'm not one for complaining about the graphics at all. more into the story-line and game play the most. When i first started to play the game, the controls are confusing, which made me curious to see if my controller was broken or not. Until i actually moved it around to see what was up; the dragon started to move. Surprise controlling indeed! It is very comfortable controlling the dragon & attacks after a while. Maybe around an hour or so. You get use to it FINE.

    The story-line is good. I enjoyed it alot.
    The only thing that bugged me about this game; it was way too short. I really enjoyed it & i hope that a number 2 sometime, or a carry on with this story-line, dragons, background, ect will be made.

    A 5 star from me.