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  1.  Not bad :)


    Not a bad album, I love Bring Me The Horizon so much! Deathcore, Metalcore, Screamo .... LOVE THEM!!!!

    Most tracks sound similar but not a bad album :)

    Good effort guys XD

  2.  Amazing!!!!XD


    I bought this album on the day it came out and it is amazing!!

    Bit mainstream but definitely better than This War Is Ours.

    I've gone through a time where I thought Ronnie Radke was better than Mabbitt.

    But to be honest, they are both amazing and both my favourites.

    Good screaming on a few songs, Mabbitt is amazing.

    Can't wait for a new album if they make another one.


  3.  Epic as hell!! Best so far!!


    I pre ordered this album and it came yesterday.

    Personally in my opinion it totally beats We Stitch These Wounds but that album is their old stuff but the old stuff is still amazing.

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH! SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! Lot's more rock involved but I still noticed screaming either at the beginning, middle or near the end of some tracks.

    Drums and guitars are well progressed and to be honest I think the sound coming from those instruments are a bit better than their first album.

    I love EVERY song, but I do have favourites: Fallen Angels, Die For You, Youth and Whisky, Legacy, Set The World On Fire and Saviour.

    Saviour, Legacy and Set The World on Fire are kinda powerful tracks, a bit aggresive and so are some of the other tracks.

    Andy Sixx ( Andy Biersack) has proved to me that he wants to continue making a name for the band and they've come a long way and continue to ignore people who try to put them down because I know some pople criticise their image, looks and sound.

    Andy's normal and aggressive vocals make my ears ring but in a good way which clearly proves I LOVE HIM AND HIS SINGING SO MUCH! And he does scream several times throughout the album.

    I also recommend people who like this band buy the album!

    Or people who haven't heard much of them or haven't heard them at all to buy it if they are interested in the similar genre.

    You will love it!

    It's worth the money and wait!

    And they are amazing, gorgeous, energetic and worth it live!