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  1.  Re-hash and total cash in.


    It is a 100% rehash just like the Ps2 and PSP versions. Dreadful. The only thing is the rosters are 100% up to date as there is a download straight away. Same menus. Same graphics. Even some music in the game is the same. I am very annoyed as i type this. Commentary is 100% identical. A few players faces have been updated like Giroud, Oxlade Chamberlain and Jenkinson. 2-0 up in my first game aswell on max difficulty as i type this aswell. My biggest gripe is the fact the release date is put back so much and they haven't altered the game at all. The master league is so out of date and touch with other formats it is ridiculous. Such a big let down. Why not just do a download to alter players faces and clubs if thats all your gonna do Konami....i know how people who bought Fifa feel now, very let down.

  2.  The same game again - completely pointless


    First off when you fire it up you immediately, as always on the Ps2, notice there is still no widescreen or progressive scan options at all. Yes, in 2012, Konami still believe people only play Ps2 on a 4:3 big fat old TV. Next you will notice the main menu is identical 100% to last year just with a different background picture. The music is altered but now only has small snipets of songs before they fade out and change. Next you will notice the transfers are all massively out-of-date despite the game being released on October 26th, which is obviously a long time after the transfer windown shut. Prime examples of this on first clance would be: Afellay, Park Chu Young, Bendtner, Warnock, R. Meireles, Essien, Benayoun, Berbatov, Andy Carroll, Modric, Van Der Vaart, Dempsey, Dembele, Santa Cruz. I'm sure there are more but those are just ones i noticed straight away. The game then froze and had to be reset. Graphics are identical to last years. A few players have had thir faces altered to look better. Gameplay is 100% identical to last year. Commentary seems identical also. Master League is identical. All in all this game is pointless. Because the transfers are so out of date it isn't even worth it for that im afraid. A very poor way for Konami and PES to go out on the PS2. If you are still playing PES 2012 on the Ps2, a definately say this is not worth your money, but it is only cheap afterall. I can only hope the Wii version offers a little bit more, heres hoping.

  3.  The best version of PES 2012


    I gave the Wii version a try last year as i had never played a PES on the Wii, and hoped it had to PS2 style of gameplay over the turd that has become the PS3 and 360 versions in recent years. And boy what a surprise because it was the best 14.99 i ever spent on a football game. The way it plays is so great, it harks back to when PES rules the world as the best football game available. The graphics are as good as they can be for the Wii, but once you play it with a control pad, not nunchuk and wiimote style, you will feel like PES has never been away! These past few years i have wasted time on PS3 versions or gone back and got the PS2 versions when the hybrid mix the Wii offers is better than both. It maintains the master league, although it does not have the drastic updates the PS3 and even PS2 have had in recent years for some reason. It still remains as addictive as ever though. The Wii version has online play, but you will find people dc whenever they are going to lose as there is no record of connection or win/loss kept if you dc. It has the same in depth editor as the PS2, and has a wii specific mode in Champions Road, but does not have Become a Legend, which is a shame. But its all about the gameplay and thats where PES 2012 on the Wii rules the world. I am only hoping with optimism for PES 2013, as it will likely be the last PES on the Wii, that the update the Master League to at least the PS2 standard, and perhaps add Become a Legend. I know this isnt likely as they havent already in previous years, but i can still hope. But this is the best PES i have played since PES 2008 on the PS2, fact.

  4.  Devastating!!


    This gun is totally devastating! Once you have loaded all the bullets in the front, just turn it on, hold the trigger and the barrel rotates and spits out all 20 bullets in about 10-15 seconds of glory! Reloading them is a little chore, because its not a clip like the other Nerf guns, but the bullets go in easy enough, and they stick to the vests you can get brilliantly. Only gripes would be it uses 6 C batteries, the price may be a little high too, and probably a little heavy for small kids. Otherwise it is damn fun, perfect to blast my kids with!

  5.  One of the best albums ever


    Well, when this album came out me and my ex got it as a present for her dad. I had a quick listen to it, and thought it sounded pretty good. For some reason or another i never bought it, and a couple of months ago the first couple of songs started playing in my head for no reason, so knowing at least the first 2 songs sounded good i got the album. This album is simple brilliant and fantastic all the way through out. I regret not getting it when it came out. I had never heard of Magnum at all, and knew 0 of their songs, but this is album is simply brilliant. The songs are all delivered perfectly, it's tough to pick a favourite. Alas, once i played it a bit at home, my mum came in and asked what it was because it sounded good, so now she has it too! Im a fan of mid 80s rockers/groups and Magnum fall into that category largely. I can safely say it measures up in quality to some of my favourite Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adam's albums without fail. I would say i fully recommend buying this album, but that wouldn't be enough. You need this album, you really do! Your life will be better for owning it and blasting along to all the songs!

  6.  Very good, but not as good as the original.


    Ill start off with a big point. If you haven't played the original, Tales of Symphonia on Gamecube, you might not understand the complete storyline as it is a direct follow up set 2 years after the first events. There is a short explanation at the beginning of the game so if you haven't played the first game, you get what basically happened and where the world stands now. It has an immediate appeal to people who loved the first game as you want to know why Lloyd is apprently attacking towns and killing people for no reason, whereas he was the hero and main good guy in the original. On the note of Lloyd, this game has all of the original characters returning in some aspect in this game, as they join your party at certain times on your quest as you hunt down Lloyd to find out the truth. the main character you control this time is Emil, a timid boy, who becomes a Knight of Ratatosk to protect Marta who has the Core of Ratatosk emblazed in her head. The story being that you need to collect all of the Centurion Cores to restore the balance of monsters and mana in the world by reawaking all of the Centurions [monsters who control other monsters of the same element] and thus reawaking the leader of all monsters Ratatosk to restore normality to the world. Lloyd is apparently collecting the cores for his own personal use, whilst there is another group of people collecting the cores too. I dont want to give away the story so i will just highlight some points of mine:

    Good points:
    +Plays similarly so you can get straight into it easily if you know the last game or other Tales of games. Also easy to learn if your new because of in game help at the start of the game.
    +Exploring some original areas 2 years after the first game to see how they have changed.
    +Returning characters!
    +Good music.
    +Great battle system.
    +Collecting monsters [kind of like pokemon to be fair, you fight along side them in battles]

    Bad points:
    -The graphics have not improved at all since the original from 2003......
    -You cant walk around the world map nomore, just click on where you want to go and your there.
    -Some original characters do not have the same voice actors anymore.

    All in all its a great game which is just an enjoyment to play, well worth buying if your a fan of RPGs and only have a Wii.

  7.  Best gamecube game ever


    This is the best gamecube game ever on a par with Tales of Symphonia. If you want an epic game of true proportions, look no further than this master piece.

  8.  Disgusting! PLEASE READ! ^^


    I bought the Ps2 and Ps3 Versions to compare, and then keep the best one. No contest u say? Surely Ps3 owns the Ps2 version. Wrong.
    The Ps3 version is plain disgusting! It feel like a game half way through production! The frame rate stinks, far less fluent than the Ps2 version. Graphically it even seems to be worse in my opinion. The sounds effects on Ps3 are awful too. The ball sounds like a paper bag or somthin, and the Refs whistle sounds broken too. Not that the Ps2 version is really worthy of your money either, its basically Pro Evo 6 with updated players and stats. No new things were included like improved Al, diving, shirt pulling etc, but when compare with the Ps3 version, its doesnt seem to matter really. I cant comment on the Xbox 360 version because i haven't played it, but if you HAVE to buy this game, get the Ps2 version. Its cheaper, smoother, faster, and a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

  9.  Turd


    Pointless considering you cant play games through a TV via the Composite Lead, i ordered mine before item description was on here so am very dissapointed now i got it. My TV is very new and doesnt have Component Connections so i cant actually use it to play games. I guess it would be ok if you have the the cable connections on your TV, otherwise avoid like the plague.