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  1.  Competent fighting game


    I am not a big fan of MK combat system but I love the DC universe.
    The game core mechanic is similar to MK but with a few differences, definitely made it original and great fun to play.
    Gave 5 stars as the previous reviewer gave a 1 just because of the demo and it is not fair in my opinion.
    Overall I would rate this game a 3.5 star or maybe 4.
    The premises for the game are good, characters are well balanced and fun to play but the story gets so absurd that suspension of belief is the only thing that keep you going and that is a lot if you think we are talking of super heroes.
    Even if the story turn in a parody I have to admit I had fun, well worth playing for the hard core fighting game fans beside, a fighting game with a good story mode seems like a contradiction in terms.
    The game lack of a serious tutorial, especially for the advanced moves and combo so, inexperienced players will have hard times or turn to buttons mashing to try to keep going.
    All in all you should check it out, if you like fighting games and especially if you are a DC fan.
    PS: Far better than the predecessor.

  2.  Good game but ...


    The game is good, fluid combat, same fairly good customisation options and inbuilt ability to reset your talents and skill for very little in game money.
    The problem with this game is that is too fast, in a week you are lvl 30 (3 days if you work hard on it and you know how to do it), the best gear can be achieved in a month of raiding (a team of 8 players) and doing hard alerts (a team of 4 players).
    So you are left with grinding for feats that will give you extra skill points to max you skills but truth to be told many player will not have the patience and spare time to just do races over and over, collect collectable that spawn randomly, etc.
    The other option is of course PvP (player vs. player) and that is always fun if you find a group of other player to join forces with and find enough players online on the opposite side to join the various arenas; PvP is fun but is also repetitive after a while and you do it mostly to grind feats or PvP armour only available through PvP arenas.
    The truth is, if you are a hard core MMORPG player this game is a simplified version that appeal to bore hard core MMORPG players or people that never played a proper MMORPG before.
    By all means, I am not saying that this game is not a good purchase I only say the longevity of the game is limited because IMHO it is a quick and dirty MMORPG. And the situation is even worst if you are an International Player (non US) as the servers population is dropping fast and that makes most of the multiplayer activities hard to do, especially for new characters.
    On the other hand, a word of warning to all the console players out there that did not play a MMORPG before, they are proven to be quite addictive and even if grinding is boring the lure of the possibility to get that extra feat to show off the extra skill point is very difficult to resist.

  3.  Very good Dungeon Crawl


    To start with I like this game; I find it a great value for money, especially considering the Crucible features.
    As a solo player Dungeon Crawl the game is designed with challenging but not impossibly difficult puzzles, an even difficult learning curve, nice enemies mix and exceptionally good voice actors and scripted dialogue.
    The dynamic between the two characters is great with a ton of really good one liners and sarcasm across the entire game.
    Character customisation is limited but with two very different characters, one melee oriented and one range oriented with different abilities, you are likely to play it solo twice, one time with each character.
    Multiplayer Coop is great too but the game does not do a good job as far as Split-screen Coop and if you buy it just for that you are better off choosing another game.
    Finally the Crucible Dungeon Creator and the ability to upload your creation and download the one of other players is extremely well developed and you should give it a solid try as you will find it very entertaining, or at least, I do.
    Enjoy this game, is well worth the money IMHO.