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  1. Brink



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     Could have been five star


    I couldn't wait for this game to come out. After watching all the trailers and hearing all the hype it seemed so promising to take online FPS games to the next level. If it had lived up to the idea behind it I'm sure it would be perfect, but its just not quite there.

    Visually I think the game is fantastic. The art style is new and refreshing and the customisation is a lot of fun, even if it isn't as in depth as you would be lead to believe.

    The gameplay is fun and any casual gamer should enjoy it, but the idea of merging online multiplayer and campaign based singleplayer in to a new "Mingleplayer" genre just hasn't worked for me. The idea is good but the execution leaves the games repetitive for single player but sometimes impossible to play as multiplayer. The story line is hard to follow and the missions become very samey, with the player either capturing, destroying or escorting an objective, which with the clumsy AI can lead to the game being fairly dull if played on your own for more than 2 missions in a row.
    Its redeeming feature should have been the fact that you can drop into an online version of the missions with no bots, which would make the objective based missions more exciting, however with no pre-game lobbies and the matchmaking system apparently drawing primarily from your friends list, if, like me, you are the first of your friends to buy this game, it seems nigh on impossible to get into a 8v8 multiplayer game with more than 3 of those people being actual human players.

    Overall it is a fun shooter, and with a few things different could have been brilliant. Its easy enough to pick up and with the classes balanced there was so much potential for tactical online gaming, but it seems like Splash Damage and Bethesda spent so long trying to merge multiplayer and singleplayer together, that they forgot about what made each of those components great individually. Still, its early days and some tweaks in the online could make a difference.

    Worth trying, but maybe convince your friends to buy as well!