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  1.  a must watch!!!


    really enjoyed this film, the special effects were fantastic and the dog fights, are the best ive ever seen! granted some of the acting is abit wooden sometimes, but it is passable. Howard steals the small amount of scenes he's in, and Cuba Gooding jr is great in the small amount of scenes aswell! watch this if your after good set piece action!! a must watch

  2.  a great film fo kids and adults alike


    if your a fan of the likes of wallace and gromit films you will love this! great humour which has a broad appeal for adults and kids alike! a great vocal performance by the likes of hugh grant, jeremy piven and co! a great storyline aswell! if you havent seen this, take a punt you will not be dissapointed

  3.  good in its own right!!


    There are many cons in this film however there are (in my eyes) more pros than cons!! The visual effects are stunning! the premises of the story are epic and the actors do a great job! Micheal Fassbender owns the role as Dave the android and is easily the best thing in this film! The film starts off really well with some beautiful scenes! It introduces some great characters! with a plot what you expect will blow you away later! however it doesn't quite live up to the expectations. Rafe Spall and Sean Harris have great chemistry as milburn and fifield emulating the characters brett and parker of alien however are massively underused in my eyes! and the plot turn for fifield was just too cliched in my eyes and just felt unnecessary ! i think instead of trying to be its own film the end tries to emulate the other films just abit too much near the end! However the film is still very entertaining albeit with a few confusing scenes but it does need a sequel to carry the plot! So its definitely worth a watch to make your own mind up! Just dont go in it and expect all the questions you wanted to know answered as it doesnt and just leaves you asking more questions!!

  4.  a bourne replica!!


    if this film was brought out before the bourne identity, i probably would of given this an extra star! however as it wasn't it does seem a complete replica of the bourne series. so close it is, that change liam neeson for matt damon then it could be called a sequel! however on the plus side it is a good watch, intriguing and liam neeson as always does a steady job on this, very believable in the role. diane kruger also does good with what she gets but under-used, she has the potential to make it big!! so would recommend watching before buying!!



    the lord of the rings is my all time favourite movie of all time!! Peter Jackson puts blood and bone into making these films, and by god does he pull it off. They said it couldn't be done, but didn't he prove them wrong? And this boxset is a must-by for all LOTR fans, there's about 2 hours more put in the film, and the extra features on here, are unreal! it shows you everything, from featurettes to interviews to the still gallery art showing how they put the film to the big screen!! in short best film ever made, best dvd features to be put on DVD!! a must -by!!!!

  6.  I LOVE THIS FILM!!!!


    This is a brilliant film, well directed by clint eastwood who also puts in a good supporting actor role aswell! But the film is stolen by Kevin Costner who puts in a career best performance in my eyes! He is just utterly brilliant and believable in the 'escaped convict with a heart' role and I'll admit he even brings a tear to my eye at the end of the movie. Great storyline great actors.... Great film!!!