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  1.  Less then 20mins of unseen clips


    celebrity juice bang tidy year ep has pretty much all the same clips as was in this.

    The Unseen bits are nothing special. Guess thats why they where cut.

  2.  Ohhh! Pretty Lights :)


    My main OS is Pinguy OS what is a Linux OS. Everything is working fine except the programmable S1 - S6 keys, the bank switcher ("123"-key) and the record key. As I do my gaming in Windows this isn't really an issue. As a gaming keyboard it works really well. You can press multiple keys without any ghosting.

    The back lights work really well. When its light the letters are very clear to see and when it starts to get darker you start to see the keys glow red. So the back-light works really well unlike other back lit keyboards where they are only really viewable when its dark. It doesn't matter with this keyboard its easy to see if its dark or light.

    Now for the bad points. The keyboard feels a bit cheap. It has glossy keys and the back legs just level out the keyboard. It makes it flat not raised. Something that doesn't feel that nice. I like to have the back of the keyboard higher then the front. The wrist rest is pretty bad to, it hurts your wrists after awhile of typing. The keys are pretty quiet to type on but its not silent. Its quieter then my older keyboard.

    Its an awesome gaming keyboard but not a great everyday keyboard. I mainly got this for the lit up keys and I can't complain about that. The back lit keys work really well.

  3.  Probably The Best Mouse You Will Buy For The Money


    If this was a 30 pound mouse I would give it 4 stars, but for the price it deserves all 5 starts.

    The dpi settings button actually has 3 settings on Linux. The first one is pretty slow the middle one is about right and the last one is way to fast.

    The side buttons are in an odd position that make them hard to use. The two buttons default to paging forward and back in a web browser.

    The size of the mouse is pretty large compared to other mouses. It is a bit bigger then Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse. It also makes your hand a bit sweaty after long use because of the type of plastic in use.

    The mouse wheel has got a bit of play in it from side to side but nothing to bad. The wheel has got good feed back. Scrolling, middle clicking ect.

    This is the first laser Mouse I have owed. I was a bit shocked when I plugged it in and didn't see any light. I thought it was broken :)

    Overall if you are looking for a new mouse I can't really say anything really bad about it. Going from Optical to laser you will notice the differences but its not as big as a differences I would replace a working Optical mouse with it. Not for every day use. It does make a bit of a differences in FPS games.

    Conclusion. If I could buy a different mouse would I? Simple answer no. You are not going to be able to get a better mouse for the price.