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  1.  Great Game But With It's Flaws


    Having waited five years for this game to be released I guess everyone expected it to be flawless, but that isn't the case.

    I'll start off with the good points. The graphics can't be matched by any other game on any other platform. The 'Premium Cars' are expertly designed outside and inside. The tracks and their surroundings are almost life-like even when travelling at high speeds. Furthermore, the way the cars handle and accelerate are perfectly matched to each car. For example, a Honda Civic has a lot of understeer but cars like the Audi 4WD car's stick perfectly to the road. Even the tyres that the car is using make a huge difference. The soft racing tyres have amazing grip levels and the soft comfort tyres have little grip. Every detail is perfect.

    Now to the bad points. The game data is optional between one gigabyte to eight gigabytes but it is advisable to do the eight as even with this the loading times are painfully slow, from menu to menu it takes at least thirty seconds to load. If you don't install the full eight gigabytes I can't even imagine the loading times! The damage, well there isn't much. And I understand that its's a driving simulator and not a crash simulator but realistic damage would of been nice.

    Overall, the game is extremely good in all areas. Just a few little points let the game down.

  2.  Disappointing


    I've had this game since its original release and it's not grown on me. The story mode is good but that's it. Trying to keep track of the story is like trying to fit a jigsaw together with all the wrong pieces. The sound effects are very low quality and the graphics just aren't very sharp.

    Call of Duty is all about multiplayer and this just doesn't deliver the same experience as Modern Warfare 2. Content wise, i preferred unlocking the guns as I grew through the levels as in previous Call of Duty titles, however I am not a fan of having to purchase: guns, attachments, camos, perks, grenades etc. etc.

    The only part of this game that saves it from being a complete disaster is the Zombies mode which is terrific. The gameplay in Zombies is perfect and although there are quite a few glitches all in all this part is excellent.

    In conclusion, this title of the Call of Duty franchise is a big let down compared to Modern Warfare 2 and I can only hope that Modern Warfare 3 is simply just a brilliant follow up to Modern Warfare 2 and that Black Ops is just a minor dent in what is a very good franchise.