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  1.  Not the Best.


    I've only played fable 2 before this, and it seems to be a step back in some cases, and a step forward in others.
    Graphics are lovely in this... when they load that is. It's a charming big game, bigger than i first expected on my first playthrough, there are several 'caverns' which are just beautifully presented. They are I think, better than Fable 2.
    However in other aspects... downfall.
    Bugs are more common than they are outside i nthe garden. This game is riddled with them. It does take away from the gameplay element. It's a nightmare to play with all these in. I don't play much online, but from what I have done, it's very slow, and sometimes awkward.
    The gameplay itself is kind of a step in both directions, whilst i liked spellweaving, and the weapon mutations, i didn't like the interactions with other AI, and sometimes even these were glitched as I could not raise friendship with anyone, eventually meaning the whole of Bowerstone hated me... how fun.
    Another thing that ruins it, too many collectibles. I have managed to get everything, then the DLC came out and Lionhead decided it would be a really good idea (sarcasm) to include more collectibles! Of course, this means more hours of gameplay, but I would rather find my own way around a game. Furthermore, the in-game quests, are all the same. Catch a convict here, get another there. Take this to that. Find this. Lead him to her. etc, over and over again. However, i did somehow find it a nice experience to play, even though the story lacked somewhat. I found I could spend an hour or two wandering and just helping other people. But all in all, this is a dissapointment, I really enjoyed fable II as i got into it, and i was excited for this, but they haven't delivered this time sadly.

  2.  Really Good :)


    This game is really good, to put it simply.
    It's such a pretty game, everything looks so charming, and sometimes, i can't help but stop and just look around.
    I'm a big fan of Harvest Moon games, and this is the best I've ever played.
    It's essentially the same as before, you farm, care for animals, fish, marry and all the other stuff. IF (big IF) you want to, then you can try out the story. So far, after about a year of playing it, I haven't. Not because I can't, but becuase i'm content as it is, it's a real heart warming game, it's so easy going and relaxing, and a welcome break from other activities you may do or other games you may play. I would recomend this to anyone, it's so easy to pick up to just sit back for a couple of hours and play without a care in the world. The graphics are excellent, the music is fantastic, the gameplay and the freedom is unlimited, everything about this game just shouts amazing. It may be slow to start, but when things get going, and you earn money, buy something else, ern more money from it etc, then it becomes more enjoyable then when it started. The range of characters are versatile as well, you feel like you belong in a small, but charming community. I hope this was helpful for you, enjoy!