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  1.  Great read, well written.


    Fairly accurate history on a somewhat overlooked area of British/English history. Many historical characters are drawn in to a slightly embelished tale of an outlaw of England, turned saviour. Character development is reasonable given the somewhat low amount of source material that survived from the time.

  2.  Sturdy but chunky


    Bought a set of these triggers to replace my aging gioteck set. They are very strong and you really have to snap them in place to set them into position on the controller.

    The downside to them, for me is: that they sit proud of the ps3 shoulder buttons, more so than the gioteck ones did, this means that rather than firing a gun, you are throwing grenades. They also have a steeper gradient than other triggers which means you are less likely to slip off of them, but it just makes them easier to press when you don't mean too.

  3.  Fantastic read


    This is a brilliant tale of life after a number of serious disasters that destroyed the world as we know it today. Told from the perspective of a female teenage protagonist rather than a 'God's eye view' of the new world, we are introduced to setting, characters, and history fluidly and vividly.

    Think of a post apocalyptic world mixed with 'Battle Royale' mixed with Twilight (yes I know, but bear with me here) If you are looking for another sickly sweet love triangle, get on the phone to Stephanie Meyer. This story is more about the will of survival and the confusion that young (first) love offers interspersed with blood, guts, gore and humour.

    I read the whole book in one day as juts couldn't let it go, and have followed through with the rest of the trilogy in a similar manner.

  4.  A 'Must Have' for all Harry Potter fans


    This is a fantastically well detailed and written account of the process of the making of the harry potter films after the purchase of the book rights.

    Presented in an A4 size hardback book, it is very heavy, but gives excellent dues to the high quality photos/sketches/behind the scenes shots from the last 12 years of HP.

    It plays out like a guide from the Warner Bros tour London of Leavesden studios, with great information given on initial ideas and impressions of how props should be made and actors cast in the various roles.

    Since JKR said she's not writting the HP encyclopedia any more, this is the next best, if not THE best, thing to be bought for the HP universe.

  5.  Great collectable


    These are a great collectors piece, very well made and quite heavy considering their sizes. Wizards must have very deep pockets and very well made wallets to buy anything of any value...

  6.  Disappointing


    Bought this after reading the book, to be honest, I should have read these other reviews before I did. Far too many inaccuracies, why is Sean's name changed from Reilly to Daley?, why is the lost city buried under lava instead of a lake, and to that same point, why did the lava float above the town square and harden, rather than fall to the ground and fill all the space it occupies?

    This would have been better suited to something with a little more of a budget and made into a single movie rather than a dual episode mini series.

    As far as book to film translations go this isn't the worst, however it is far from the best by a long shot, best taken with a pinch of salt if you have read the book series, serves as a nice visual guide for the story if nothing else.

  7.  A new style of writing?


    For all naysayers of Clive Cussler:

    Yes most of his books do follow a set plan...
    1. Intro- historical flashback
    2. Modern day intro- Meet the girl/love interest
    3. Meet the Oregon and crew
    4. Describe the ship
    5. Describe the peril
    6. Describe the solution

    This latest entry into the Oregon files, deviates from that plan with spectacular results, a new member of the team, a double betrayal, the corperation at one of it's lowest points, America on its knees.

    The fast pace of the story keeps you wanting more and not wanting to stop through fear of the story continuing without you. The characters are likeable, well written and have new hidden depths in every book.

    For any new joins to a clive cussler book, check them all out, in particular: the rest of the Oregon files, the NUMA files and of course Dirk Pitt's stories.

  8.  Before there was twilight...


    The series started in the early 90's with the story of a young indian (aryan) girl transformed into a vampire by a demon she chose to allow to be born into the world.

    This is one of my earliest memories of getting excited with reading, the first couple of books had me hooked for more. When the final (at the time) book arrived, I was devastated that the story of Sita seemed over. Pike suprised me greatly when the next one came out almost 14 years later. I had grown, but my love for Sita's story was re-ignited.

    This (supposed) final book completes the arc that was created in the "Eternal Dawn" re-Vamp (see what I did there) and as always has great twists, action and heart rending moments, that just keep you turning those pages for hours at a time.

    Definately buy this if you have read any of the others in the series, if not buy those too.

  9.  Dragon Rave!


    I have personally spent over 150 hours on this game, it is a very immersive and fantastically detailed RPG (I think the first RPG i have played) with an epic storyline and some well written characters.

    Some people have mentioned graphics issues and these can be traced and solved by turning off the auto save feature. (just remember to save your game frequently!)

  10.  A Fantastic addition to the collection


    Whilst billed as one movie, this is in fact a collection of the whole 'Arn' mini series. It covers the major events of all three books in great historical detail.

    After being spoilt by Hollywoods offerings on this era with massive budget movies and star laden casts, it is refreshing to see how it can and should be done on a smaller budget with a 'home-grown' cast.

    The dialogue switches seamlessly between Sweedish, Frankish (English), Arabic and with Latin songs and transcripts.

    My only dislike is that too much (in my opinion) of the books were left out, this is almost certainly due to time constraints on sqeezing it all into one movie, this should have been made into 2 if not 3 films and given a greater chance to develop Arn's world and the timeframe of the events.