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  1.  Not as bad as I feared


    This is by no means a great movie, but nor is a complete stinker, at a abudget price it is a good waste of 90 minutes. Cage and Perlman are their usual selves (sleepwalking their roles for the cash) but I didnt get this for Hamlet like performances, the title sugests a film about witchcraft and that's exactly what I got, half decent effects and a small twist at the end make for an average to good movie. And for those complaining about historical accuracy, it's a film about witches.....

  2.  Tongue in cheek excellence


    a thoroughly entertaining, tongue in cheek and violent film, 90 minutes that doesnt let up for a second, Rutger Hauer is clearly loving the role and is absolutely perfectly cast. This is definately not a film to be taken seriously and revels in it's comic book violence, not since Kill Bill has there been so much arterial spray in a movie. It's also really well shot and framed considering it's the directors first full release. Overall I can thoroughly recommend...

  3.  Thoroughbly enjoyable


    I enjoyed this from start to finish, the animation is superb to the point that you really do forget you watching characters and environments that are not real. The 3d effects are some of the best yet with real "pop out" and the more sublte effects are smoothly done. The plot is basic at best, and there is too much slow motion footage but it doesnt matter, this is a kids film that adults will really enjoy and at about 95 minutes does not outstay its welcome for a second. Recommended...

  4.  Really Good Fun...


    I really enjoyed this, it's clear after about 2 minutes that it doesnt take itself too seriously and is all the better for it. Nicolas Cage is on usual manic form but the standout character has to be "the accountant" Wiliam Fichter who gets all the best, and funniest, lines. Amber Heard also shows a reat talent for this sort of thing. You do need to take this film with a pinch of salt but as a spectacle it's excellent and the use of 3d is one of the best yet, things are literally flying out of the screen at you. I am not sure how effective this film would be in 2D (I'm not planning on finding out) but I can thoroughly recommend it especially at its slightly lower price point...

  5.  Fantastic solo campaign


    I came into this game late in the day but I'm glad I gave it a try, the single player campaign is absolutely fantastic (I don't do multiplayer) rich graphics, great gameplay, and about twice as long as the average COD. The interplay between characters is amusing and really drives the whole thing along. I can wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone with an interest in shooters...

  6.  Great little item


    No its not massive but at 4 inches in length its a great little piece that looks much better than the stock photo Play are using, the detail is superb and comes with the usual collectables stand, nicely pacakaged and more than worth the 9.99 paid.

  7.  Great Little game


    I thoroughly enjoyed this, I was aware the single campaign was short before starting but ramping up the difficulty added time and what a reat time I had. The story is better than must games out recently and certainly better than the gung-ho of the COD games (as great as they are) Graphics are pretty good with only the occasions glitch and there is a nice mix of shooting, sneaking and vehicle sections, my only complaint would be the abrupt ending after what is probably the games best level. All in all I would thoroughly recommend this as a single player game, as I dont do online gaming I cant pass comment on the multiplayer but single player worth the entrance fee...

  8.  Thoroughly enjoyable...


    Ignore the 1 star review below and give this blu ray a chance, the premise is not based on fact nor is it suggested it could be (humans would not disappear off the face of the planet all at once leaving their precious pets locked up indoors) but is an entertaining "what if". As far as the effects go, yes there are 1 or 2 ropey moments but on the whole money has clearly been spent on good cgi, the commentary is not annoying or grating ike so many of these documentaries can be and at no moment was I bored or uninterested. I enjoyed this from start to finish and have already ordered series 2...

  9.  Great T-Shirt but buy a larger size


    This is a great looking and good quality t-shirt but it is tiny, I am a medium but it is skin tight (in all the wrong places) and after a wash will only get smaller. I can wholly recommend but do go up a size...

  10.  Review games not demo's or betas...


    I have just completed this game and have to say it is absolutely superb, graphically it's up there with the best with incredibly detailed environmets and character models, sound is fantastic and if at all possible you should play through a surround sound system or headphones, some of the effects used are jump out of your seat scary. Luckily the game is also great fun to play (as was the first Dead Space title) stomping necromorphs never gets boring and the upgrading is both interal to the game and fun to do. It is longer than the first game but maybe slightly easier to play and the only criticism I could make is that they have not included any big bosses to finish off but that is a small gripe as overall this game is a contender for game of the year, The extraction game is also fun but by no means essential. Buy ithis title, you wil not be dissapointed...