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  1.  Forget reviews based on demo's or betas


    I have just completed this game and have to say it is absolutely superb, graphically it's up there with the best with incredibly detailed environmets and character models, sound is fantastic and if at all possible you should play through a surround sound system or headphones, some of the effects used are jump out of your seat scary. Luckily the game is also great fun to play (as was the first Dead Space title) stomping necromorphs never gets boring and the upgrading is both interal to the game and fun to do. It is longer than the first game but maybe slightly easier to play and the only criticism I could make is that they have not included any big bosses to finish off but that is a small gripe as overall this game is a contender for game of the year, The extraction game is also fun but by no means essential. Buy ithis title, you wil not be dissapointed...

  2.  Good but not essential


    A great litle film, Brody and Whittaker on top form as usual, a good HD transfer and solid supporting cast. Although close to the bone (especially for a 15 rating) not as hard hitting or as brutal as the German original. Well worth watcing though especialy at the low price point.

  3.  5* for the original 1* for the remake


    The 2010 remake is not as scary or funny as the original, the effects are terrible and look only marginally better than the 1984 film, the cast are completely charisma free and the Freddy make up is more alien like than scarred. I have no idea how they managed to make this so bad, effects have come a long way in 25 years and the filmakers should have been able to make something terrifying but have only succeeded in making a quite boring and at times quite ugly film. Stick with the original, it is a far superior movie with genuine shocks, great effects (even by today's standards) and a cast who fit the bill perfectly... Englund will always be the definitive Freddy Krueger...

  4.  A Must See Movie...


    This film is absolutely gripping from start to finish, I have not read the book but may well do now, the performances, and by that I mean ALL the performances are absolutely spot on, the 2 main leads are perfectly cast and the numerous cameo appearances from award winning actors (and actress) are superb and again perfectly suited to their roles, this is a bleak but incredibly powerful film ends on the perfect note. It is also worth pointing out that the blu ray picture quality and sound are fantastic with rich deep colours (what colour there is) a good contrast level and really clear dialogue. I cannot recommed this film highly enough...

  5.  Nothing like picture


    Although a decent quality t-shirt, this is nothing like the item pictured, I ordered a medium and the print does not even meet the sides of the shirt, nor all the way to the shoulders. The print looks and feels like one giant stuck on transfer from the 80's. Normally I am suprised that the items I receive from Play are better than those shown on the website but definately not in this case...

  6.  Great Ending.... if you can get that far


    If you can sit through the first hour you will get the most out of this, the dust up between Van Damme and Lundgren is great (although they both look like a couple of old men) but like all the other best bits this happens at the end of the film. Production values are not the highest and the plot is total guff but the look of this is very Modern Warfare as they base around the Chernobyl power plant. Worth a look if you are into old style action films...

  7.  Fantastic


    As a 37 year old man who still plays games on a regular basis I can honestly say I have not had so much fun with a game for years and years. The new storyis both funny and full, the voiceacting, while clearly from a studio recording, is excellent. Graphics and gameplay are spot on. Even little details like getting the whole theme tune playing out if you sit on the game select screen add to the whole package. The controls are intuitive easy to understand and not once did my mind start to wander. Hell I even downloaded the album from I-tunes. Highly recommended...

  8.  Excellent


    Excellent collection of cheesy dance tracks, a lot of new stuff with mixes of some classic tracks, a lot of these albums seem to be fullof fillers, this however maintains a high standard throughout. Well worth buying especially at this price.. recommended

  9.  1080P query...


    This TV DOES recognise and support 1080p sources it just displays them as superior 720p. Both my blu-ray player and PS3 output in 1080p and this tv recognises them and outputs the signal. My other Samsung telly (1080I) will not output the signals at all and fails to recognise the signal at all. Overall this is a cracking tv and a bargain, Exvellent contrast and picture, only 2 small drawbacks are the sound (you will need a surround system to get the best out of your films) and there is a little motion blur on fast moving images. But overall I would recommend this telly 100%, especially at this price.

  10.  One of the best..


    One of the best games I have played in some time, I made sure I watched the Downfall dvd first (only £6.99 now, dont bother with the blu-ray version) and really understood why events were happening and who the characters in the logs were. The sound is fantastic, I have only played this alone, at night, in the dark with the surround sound ramped up and it is awesome. The story is an accumulation of various horror films/games/stories but it doesnt matter and still seems fresh and original, the weapons are ingenious and need careful thought, but the game is not overly hard and leads you carefully. Graphics are excellent especially during the zero grav sections. It has been a long time since I enjoyed playing a videogame so much and have recommended this to everybody I know with a PS3..