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  1.  The best games ever made for PS2!


    They are probably the best two games ever made for PS2.

    I have already got this collection, it was out in Hong Kong in January.

    The games are revamped and graphics and smoothness of them is even better than PS2, as well as it should be.

    All i can say for Play's price you would be mad not to buy it.


  2.  The most imaganitive outstanding game for a long time


    This is an outstanding game, full of imagination.

    I think its the best role playing game since 7th Guest on the PC and Alone in the Dark..

    Its like Farenheit on PS2 but its better, you were so limited in farenheit and it got silly and so one tracked. This has avenues galore.

    You got to be into this type of game to appreciate it and you need time, lots of it.

    I think its fantastic something unique and nothing like it around anywhere.,until they release LA Noire this is worth the purchase.

  3.  The first was good but this is even better..


    Having played both versions this is a vast improvement.

    I love taking a gamble on a jump and Drake clings to something its real realistic.

    Its the shooting aspect which is so amazing with the big gun fights where it feels like you are really shooting someone
    (I know this is not a good feel) but the way the machine gun goes up as you shoot so realistic.

    Highly addictive and sheer class.

    What a game..

  4.  So much better than the first


    Assassins Creed 2 is so much better than the original.

    Its nice to have a character that talks unlike Altair who was so silent.

    The playability is so much better and u dont get caught by the guards who are suspicious of you that was frustrating in the original, and you know what you are doing in this, whereas the first you just seem to never really know what day it was.

    There is a real decent story here.

    All round better game!

  5.  Not impressed


    The good thing play.com sent this out and I got it in 1 day super service. Now for the bad.

    I am not impressed. Yes the voices and the characters are tops but you just dont feel like you are in the game, you zap a ghost and dont seem to be hitting it, sometimes you feel like you have no idea what you are doing. I am enjoying Bioshock more.

    You feel like you are in the game and having fun.

    Not worth £40 either save and wait till it drops.

  6.  not as good as GTA but does have some better points


    I dont think its as good as GTA,

    It has a more cartoon type feel to it.

    It is though more fun and you can really run riot, the cars handle better and you can roll then around all over the place, also I like the fact you revolve the camera around the car seeing where you are going and whats around you, In GTA its not as easy to move.

    Some good plus points and well worth buying.

  7.  Super cool songs from a classy guy


    Soothing, cool, and sensational music!

    After hearing his hit Closer on the hits channel on Sky

    I knew he would reach no,1 with it and sure enough he did

    This got me hooked, now after listerning to his other tracks he is just pure genius.

    Go Neyo!

  8.  A lot of fun!


    Wow! What a fun game!

    I must admit never even considered buying this game, but after reading the other peoples reviews decided to take the plunge.

    Its really fun and funny when you crash, but its the playability the strikes you, you can turn, twist and dive the plane its really great!

    I can't recommend this highly, real fun.

  9.  What a let down


    This is game is awful!

    Unrealistic, bad graphics and very frustrating.

    I even went off screen at one point out a building into the sky and could not get back, I could not even kill myself, to start again.
    I got stuck in some part of the games display, it was hilarious!

    I played the previous version of Alone in the dark on PS2 and it was amazing, I finished it to, cos it was that enjoyable, everything was good about it, that this version is not! I mean Edward in this version does not even speak, as other characters talk to him, he is like a mute!

    I should have waited for the PS3 version, but not sure after this if it will be any good.

    I played loads of Alone in the dark on PC, PS2 this is the worse one!


  10.  lots of fun, enjoyable


    This game is real fun.

    Loads to do, slots, roulette, blackjack.

    Its like being back in Las Vegas.

    Real good fun and for the price its worth it.