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  1.  The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition Box Set


    I also agree with those who disagree with having to change disks. As mentioned in another review, with today's technology and the amount of storage capcity, you wouldnt think there would be a problem fitting the films on to one disk. I have a feeling in the future these film will be released again on Blu-Ray with the same quality and on a single disk per film. Saying that, I will award 4 stars as the films themselves are excellent.

  2.  Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception


    Being massively impressed with the previous 2 instalments of the Uncharted series (the second being my favourite game ever), I was hoping that Uncharted 3 could at least match them. Although it surpassed the 1st, it doesn't quite match the 2nd.

    Firstly let me say that graphically, this game is better than both but game play wise, Uncharted 2 comes out on top. This is in no way a bad game as Among Thieves is close to gaming perfection but I was hoping the differences would be closer.

    In my opinion there should have been less chasing/running and more levels like the Shipyard which I though was brilliant. Naughty Dog must be applauded on the graphics throughout this title but the animation on Drake swimming is brilliant.

    I have read other reviews which state this game is longer than it's predecessor but I would have to disagree and say maybe an hour or two less or maybe this title is a little easier as it only took me a couple of days play to finish when games normally take 4-5 days to complete for me.

    I may be overly critical but that's only because Uncharted 2 was just so brilliant but Uncharted 3 still receives 5 stars as it is a great game and a must buy.

  3.  Batman: Arkham City


    Being a hard to please gamer its nice to come across a title thats very hard to fault. People may look at Batman Arkham City and say youre just swinging and gliding your way through a city despatching bad guys on your way to a boss fight but its testament to Rocksteady in making this concept so enjoyable to play.

    Having only played the demo version of Batman: Arkham Asylum and not being overly impressed with it, I was only intending to buy this game as a stop gap for a week to trade it in for Battlefield 3 the following Friday but that didnt happen as im well and truly hooked and this will be staying in my limited collection.

    Graphically I wasnt thinking Arkham City wouldnt be up to much as im not a huge fan of the Unreal engine but it definitely works well in this dark title. Swinging and gliding your way around Gotham looks fantastic and although this is a little tricky at first to get to grips with, it doesnt take long before it becomes second nature and then its a dream.

    Hearing much about the combat system when the first title came out I was expecting much and I definitely have not been disappointed and for me its on par with the Assassins system. The special combos took a little while longer to perfect but again, when you master them, its great to see batman (and catwoman) pulling of those moves.

    The game is long enough, being about 12 or so hours long in my opinion and that was without completing any of the side missions.

    I have just completed the Plus mode (playing with all your gadgets from the previous game) and enjoyed it even more. Anyone know how to play again this way as I only seem to be able to play it once from the start.

    Rating Arkham City out of ten I would give it a 9 as I would like to see the Batmobile, Batwing and Batbike in the next one....am I asking too much?

    Great game Rocksteady, looking forward to more caped crusading in Batman3

  4.  Resistance 3


    I haven't played any of the previous resistance game and although the start is a little slow, it becomes much much more exciting(loved level 9).havent finished it yet as i'm now on level 10 but i personally will recommend it to shooting fans. Good game.