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  1.  Good Value and product


    The price mainly drew me to buying this case for my Iphone, and the colour.
    It's a very good case, fits well, looks good and will protect the shiny back of the phone, and I also like how it's been designed to still display the Apple logo and camera.
    My only criticism against this case, is there is NO cover or protection for the screen or front of the phone which is a shame, but protects the back brilliantly, and for the price, you can't complain.

  2.  Pre-Ordered... Halo Maniac


    I have this item, the two Official Xbox360 Halo 3 wireless controllers, Halo 3 Legendary Edition and Limited Edition all pre-ordered.... I'm a Halo nut.
    The greatest game to be released on the console ever, You gota celebrate by buying all the kit!
    I still love both Halo 1 and Halo 2, and Halo 3 just looks immense, I think Bungie and Microsoft are going to make mega bucks over it!
    Can't wait for it all!
    (Only problem is, I go back to University for my second year studying Animation during Halo 3 week!! :( )

  3.  Maintains The First Film Brilliantly.


    As Good as the first one, but better Still!
    Everything about the film is great, animaton, characters again, storyline, the lot!
    Pixar always seem to get everything right!
    Excellent Film, Worth seeing with all the Pixar Movies

  4.  Very Good Film


    At first when You realise that the film is in chienese and English Subtitles, you may be put off.... But don't be, after about 5-10 minutes you get used to it and the film is very interesting and visually stunning.
    It wasn't as good as it's predecessor (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), but it was certainly almost as good.
    Lots of amazing effects involving Martial arts and concepts, very in-depth and devious characters, gets the viewer seriously involved into the film, lots of emotional climaxs throughout and very powerful to watch.
    Certainly worth watching.

  5.  Great Game, Set the Bar For GTA IV on the 360


    I enjoyed this game a lot, despite it being the same basic genre to GTA, it didn't feel like it at all.
    The excellent graphics and gameplay work brilliantly together to enhance the gaming experience for the player, Some missions are tough but I personally enjoyed them.
    There is only one let down of this game, the ending (that's all I'll say to save ruining it, let's just say it was abrupt and dissapointing).
    But this has little effect on the game as a whole, there is so much to do and explore, you play it again and again!

  6.  A Good Game, First One Was Better Though


    I enjoyed the first one a lot, playing alone or co-operative with a friend/ family member.
    There was a lot to do and having to go back to do levels again to complete them 100% but it was worth it.
    This second game, I personally didn't have time for, It was a very good make up of the Original Trilogy, but I didn't have the bother or dedication to do it all, there was I think maybe slightly too much to do, coins, batteries, ship parts etc, so that lost me interest.
    Still a good game though

  7.  Excellent Game, Does The Original Tomb Raider Proud!


    Those of us whom Played the Original 'Tomb Raider' back on the Playsation 1, in 1997 loved it, What a unique, original and clever game!
    To play it now, the graphics would look dated but the game is still a joy to play, and this remake is exactly what fans of the original were looking for.
    The level designs although updated and new, are still familiar and similar to the original game maps, simply modified and enhanced with modern day graphics and A.I.
    Gameplay is superb (Once you work it out)..
    Definatly worth playing

  8.  Good Film


    Still Totally Can't work out why the Critics slated this flm, it's really good.
    Arnie acts well in this film with very little cheese, which is unique, funny lines, characters, lots of storyline that audiences can relate to, which improves it's popularity, aned thanks to James Cameron, there are lots of good action sequences which are visually stunning.
    The only problem is that it keeps getting repeated at Christmas and other holiday times on the T.V over and over. A Very Good Film though

  9.  Best RPG Game On The Xbox360


    I wasn't a big fan of RPG games, So At First Oblivion didn't appeal to me, but as time progressed and it became more and more popular, I was glad I purchased it and began to play it.
    The First Person option appeals to me more on this game, visually stunning, massive environment, lots of good A.I in loads of different scenarios, and an in-depth inventory system with a large weapons inventory.
    Truly genius game, worth playing for First person and Third Person fans.

  10.  Pixar's Finest and Original


    Loved this film, everything is perfect.
    Animation, story, characters, cast, humor, the lot
    A classic and worth having and watching.