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  1.  Brill Game Best Yet!


    Despite this game being set before all the others at the start of the game lara seems to be using an iphone :S rather strange but other than the issue with the year the game is set in its infact a brilliant game with alot to do and the environment is superb.

    Would definatly recommend this to everyone. who can resist running around the woods with a bow and arrows?

    5* quality

  2.  killed by the invisible man


    the campaign is ok but misses depth but the biggest issue is the online gameplay. If you can manage to get a game without the connection being lost all the time you will soon find out that 80% of the time you'll be killed by someone who you cannot see yet when you view the kill cam they are stood infront of you. Now i'll admit my internet isnt amazing BUT I have read other reviews from people with fibre and they havce the same issue. the game does a poor job of matchmating yourself with other players with equal skill.

    My final point is if you have played MW3 youll be very aware that there where alot of people cheating with autoaim bots. this ruined the game and unfortunatly this is already evident on black-ops 2.

    If you happen to find 42.99 in the road and have nothing better to spend it on then get this game but if your not in that sutuation thing twice :)

  3.  Thanks for nothing


    Utter rubbish. used this once on the way home on a long drive. as soon as i plugged it in it blew the 12v circuit in my car. replaced fuse once home. worked for a few minutes (poor sound quality and quiet) tried to use it a 2nd time some days later only to find it didnt work at all. waste on 9pound . should have brought a pack of cds and left them in the car instead!


  4.  Great case for the price


    compared with some of the rubbish cases on here this is a great product and worth every penny.