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  1.  When sharks attack you better prey!


    Well the jist is they have genetically altered sharks brains to produce a cure for alzheimers disease, unfortunately this has come at a cost - Intelligent sharks.

    This sounds a bit lame to be honest but i was very pleasently surprised.

    Alot of well know cast members, very good action and thrilling sequences, the CGI is a bit dated but it doesnt take over how good the film still is today. Bit of a unexpected sequence in the middle with a certain well known actor whihc i thought was a good idea.

    If you like shark films like jaws, great action and thriller films you will most probably like this film.

  2. Mimic



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     Lost its edge


    I love horror films, this upon first viewing many years ago was brilliant, eerie and jumpy.

    Unfortunately with all the other creature horror films out there now this has unfortunately lost its edge for me.

    The cast were great, acted really well and a good premise, if you like horrors its worth a try. but if you have seen many recent horror thriller films with monsters you might think this is a bit dated.

    4 stars for 1995 but only 3 stars for 2009

  3.  Not Clive Barkers best.


    Well I love my zombie films and this was a different take on this genre of horror.
    Kids come down with a illness and all turn in to zombies and start killin of the adults.

    Ok in places it can be a bit boring/dragged out, its not the best zombie film ive seen but if you give it a chance its not as rubbish as you might think, there are a few shocking scenes when the kids get hold of the adults and start snapping necks.
    It was a interesting spin on the genre but not the best if you love horrors and zombies give this a try but dont expect an amazing film go in open minded maybe you will enjoy it.

  4.  Not the best xmas special :(


    Well when I heard the gap between series 4 nd 5 was going to be filled with 5 specials throughout 2009 I was not ovely enthused as the only special I really enjoyed was voyage of the damned.

    The next doctor had a very good premise but the story could have been so much better and interesting.

    I love the Cybermen but they were not as scary or used to there full potential which was a let down, however David morresy as "the next doctor" was brilliant his version of the "sonic" screwdriver and his TARDIS was pretty good.

    The story over all was not great but not the worst which kind of sums up the xmas specials, however this is better on the 2nd viewing.

  5.  Journeys end? not just yet!!


    I was REALLY looking forward to this series as I checked on the internet for rumours of what was going to happen, but when I found out that Catherine Tate was going to be the new companion I was really not looking forward to it.

    How wrong was I! I was Extremely impressed, the return of some major villans and some amazing companions and the chemistry between david tennant and caterine was sheer brilliance and the doctor donna in journeys end was brilliance!

    Voyage of the damned I think was the BEST xmas special for the dr who new series to date (wasnt totally impressed with 2008's)
    The final 3 episodes I could watch over and over again, its great to see all the companions from the new series (including Sarah Jane) back for a massive finale

    This season I think has been the best of all 4! great stories from voyage of the damned, fires of pompeii, turn left and the final journeys end, but not so great was the unicorn and the wasp and midnight which were personally not the best episodes for me. but this by no means deminishes the fact this was an AMAZING season!

  6.  We are coming, We are coming BACK!


    Yes torchwood has been rumoued to be coming back for a 4th series WOO !!!!
    Well I was VERY skeptical about only getting 5 episodes for a 3rd season :( didnt think they could live up to series 1 and 2 but I was thankfully proved wrong.
    This had me hooked after the 1st episode couldnt wait for the next day (5 days in total)
    The cast were brilliant even tho they lost 2 members last year it allowed the remaining 4 a bigger limelight. and more insight to yanto and jacks back stories.
    It was action packed, funny and heatbreaking!
    TOTALLY recommended and a worthy addition to the Torchwood era

  7.  Pretty good spin on a religious exorcism.


    Well im not a fan of relgious films more of a gore and shok horror fan but this was dam good, it started a bit slowly but then it improved ten fold.
    Great acting, very good and realistic stigmata attacks. Was a bit confused on the plot but could follow for the most part.
    A definate buy if you dont own this already.

  8.  Not as bad as your lead to believe.


    Basically I read the reviews and hesitated to buy this film - but when it reduced in price I thought dam it give it a try.

    Never really played the games but one of my mates has and thought the film was a good interpretation of the game.

    Me I thought this was a decent vampire film, not as good as 30 days of night , vampires and dracula 2001 but a good video game dvd adaption.

    The gore is that of kill bill - a bit OTT but still a good affect. the special effects are quite good and some famous actors - the one let down for me really is - why the need for the "sex scene" wasnt really neccessary in my opinion - it doesnt have a huge amount of it but that one scene could have been left out and this might have put it up to 4 stars.

    Overall I thought this film was quite good the story is what im told a good interpretation of the game loose the sex scene up the acting ability and you would have got a better film. average film nothing to scream and shout about but not worthy of being slated.

  9.  Lost and found but some parts lost in the process :(


    Well i loved the original film when i first saw this in school it was sheer amazing a great story great actors and very scary at the time. This review tho is mainly for the lost boys 2 the tribe.

    Well after reading the reviews on this I hesitated to watch this film or even buy it, luckily one of my friends bought this box set and I watched it that way.

    Well ok it has 2 of the original cast members in this film which I will not say who as it might spoil the end of it(watch untill the credits for a extra scene). It in my opinion lost the esscence of "the lost Boys" it was 10 years delayed in being made and it looked like it was rushed all the way though including the ending.

    The special effects were quite good the acting decent but the plot of the story was rushed and didnt really have much of a plot - but in its defence it was a decent watch if you have seen the original its worth a look dont going in hoping for something amazing because you most likely will be dissapointed - but for a bog standard vampire film it just about hits the spot - its a decent film to watch with mates if you enjoyed the original.

    This review got 4 stars due to the original film if it was sold seperatley it would have received 3 stars - give it a try ull either think it was a alright film or hate it like most of the reviewrs here.

    Everyones opinion is differnt only you can make the decision :)

  10.  Better than what you think from the reviews


    Im a huge fan of Diary, land, day and dawn of the dead etc I realise that George Romero had nothing to do with this film and that it was "based" on his film day of the dead. In my opinion it deserves more than the 1 and 2 stars that it has been getting.
    Ok it doesnt have the biggest well known cast, and ok some of the graphics are not 100% excellent but for a straight to DVD zombie film its good.
    It is based on the original day of the dead, the plot is kinda similar a science experiment gone wrong and it also takes place in a bunker - BUT it has its own story and plot which makes it different a variation to the George film.
    Please give it a try if you like a gorey film or a zombie film this is worth a look, the acting is good the make up is really well done the story is good a different spin on the zombie franchise.

    All in all i thought it was pretty good quite surprised seeing as when i bought this film it had only 1 or 2 star ratings !! Go in with a open mind and watch a dcecent zxombie film - ive seen MUCH WORSE !