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  1.  Just so disappointing...


    After the 2008 game, I was really looking forward to this. But it is so disappointing and the main reason for this is because - for some reason - they have taken away circuit mode!!! I have no idea why. You are therefore only left having to play endless single circuits. So it takes you a minute or two to set up the 100m and then its all over in 10 seconds and you have to set up another event. The choice of events is better but some of the controls are bizarre. Just such a let down. It could have been so good but isn't.

  2.  Atrocious


    Frankly, one of the worst films ever made. It is hard to believe but this film is even worse than Batman and Robin. The sharks look fake, the acting is non-existent - they rely solely on people walking around in very little to try and keep the audience interested - and the script is simply written by school children, it is that poor. It is a blessing that the film is so short. Awful all round.

  3.  As awful as they say


    This cannot possibly warrant four stars. Whether you watch it on a big screen or not; the script is poor, the acting is poor, the storyline is average but it is executed so terribly that it is painful. Halle Berry has some of the worst one-liners every written. It is a terrible, terrible film.

  4.  Too long and pretentious


    This film was totally overhyped mainly because of Heath Ledger's tragic death. The film is far too long and Bale's Batman voice sounds like he has a throat infection. Batman is supposed to have a comic book element because IT IS a comic book. This is like a bad Die Hard movie with someone dressed as Batman in it - the plot is too normal in terms of its crime. They also made the error of having two villians but took forever to actually 'create' Harvey TwoFace.

    Sadly Chris Nolan could not keep the fantastic start in Batman Begins going. This film fell victim to someone's ego and tried to be some cinematic epic - it is just Batman. Lighten up.

  5.  It's only ok


    I agree with the first review. This phone looks great - is sleeker than the Satio but still has some major flaws.

    There are no 'smileys' in the texts, there is no 'recently text numbers lists' (as you get with other Sonys), the phone is long-widned and complicated to use. You have to spell almost every single letter even though you would have thought you could change an A to a B by pressing the right key but no! You have to 'spell' B' as well as other letters.

    I recently downloaded a new theme for my phone. The phone put it into a folder that is not linked to your Profiles so I have paid for the theme but can't use it.

    The HD screen is amazing for videos but how often do you watch those? Even if you do watch them it KILLS your battery in the matter of a day. The battery life is terrible.

    Good screen but attached to really poor phone with second-rate music player (especially in speaker mode)

  6.  Focused too much on religion


    I believed this book to be about spiritual enlightenment -which its overall aim is- however there is repeated and strong reference to The Bible, Jesus and God. If you happen to believe that spirituality does not come from these three things then the book is perhaps limited in its teachings.

    The book is also hard to grasp not only in the text itself but also the concept. We can have a 'future' but cannot think about it because that is 'not in the Now'?!? Although Tolle quite patronisingly points out that if you can't grasp this you 'aren't getting it'. In one sentence he tells you to "Just listen!"

    There are a few glimpses of something towards inner peace but he appears to be lost in his own ideas and can't convey them that well, or without mentioning God.

  7.  Too much in a small space


    This phone looks impressive, has a great screen and camera but apart from that it's not the best phone Sony have done. This is a shame because I waited for this phone thinking it would be the 'ultimate' SE phone but sadly not. It doesn't even allow smileys in a text nor a list of the last contact you text. That means every time you text you have to scroll through your whole contacts. I am contemplating sending it back because although it has 'everything' on it - it is overcrowded by it and if you do too much the battery life just disappears. Consider buying/upgrading very carefully.

  8.  It's ok...certainly not 'amazing'


    This is not as good as the summer games and doesn't match the playability of the first game either. The controls are repetitive across a number of events and consequently don't make for very interesting games. Things like shopping feels like an attempt to 'fill' the game up. Overall it's not terrible but perhaps wait till it's on sale/reduced. Highlights are figure skating, bobsleigh and snowboard cross.

  9.  Good but where's the sass gone?


    The film is a great way to conclude the TV series, however, Carrie was alot 'sassier' in the TV series and SJP seemed more comfortable with playing her. Watching her in the movie, her character seems toned down a bit ,as do the others.

    The same applies to Samantha. She said some far more shocking things in the series than the film which underlined the "sex" part of the show. Not sure if this was done to get a lower certificate rating.

    All in all though, despite the characters not being as colourful and it being too long, it's a good end to the series and an enjoyable film in its own right. Good fashion moments too and good soundtrack.

  10.  Only "amazing" if you're a HUGE Madonna fan


    Most of these reviews are from hardcore fans so are hardly objective! Her fans claim every album she has done is "The most amazing thing ever!"

    This album is quite disappointing. There are a few tracks that stand out immediately or could grow. 4 Minutes is obviously a hit already: Miles Away, Give it To me (second single) Hearbeat and Candy Shop are some of the other highlights that make it worthwhile.

    However, the problem is you can 'hear' Timbaland and Pharell all over the album and the production almost drowns out her melodies and even her voice. It is the first album where Madonna is like the guest star on her own songs.

    The album is sadly not distinctly Madonna enough. Yes, it gets her back into the US market but it feels like a sell-out. For her fiftieth year, I wanted an example of her status in the pop world, not taking cues from others.