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  1.  excellent


    much better than harry potter and star wars they have improved it no end all 4 movies as well a must buy

  2.  good quality transfer??????


    seriously cannot see what the bad review are for classic movie and the transfer is awesome sound is superb even without surround speakers i think these people must have theirs set up wrong picture is superb an absolute classic film for your blu ray collection a must have film

  3.  average


    the film is good however i would buy this on dvd as ther is no diffrence at all on blu ray this is one of the more rubbish transfers so beware

  4.  good game calm down people


    ok this is the best batman game made so far good grapics and gameplay however its not going to be the game of the year by no means it is a short game with no multiplayer so you will see this on many preowned shelves however it is a very enjoyable game worth a go but not for a 40 quid touch

  5.  preety good


    dont no what evryone is moaning about this game is good and there is plenty of spin shots a long fight to get to the top but thats the fun of it
    brilliant when playing with a freind online or offline lobing a mate whos to close to the net is a classic lol best tennis game out there in my opinion

  6.  rubbish


    great idea for a gun but my son had this for about 30 mins it kept jamming and shredded the darts also you only get 6 darts buy the new gun with the barrel on the side it doesnt jam much better than this

  7.  the best at what i do bub


    Jackman does it again brilliant film the best marvel film in my opinion
    Wolverine is one of the best characters in marvel and this film is dedicated to just that awesome special effects and action
    A must for ant collection

  8.  really good


    This is a very good film a good remake and the chracters pull it off well
    Kirks humour and mcoys classic one liners are all there as well
    Any trekkie would have seen this alrdy but this is a good sci fi for the non trekkie as well a great addition
    Nearly as good as wrath of khan

  9.  utter garbage


    Total waste of time this film nearly 3 hours long so much talking gibberish throught the movie about half hour of action
    The roshack character is good but thats about it all i can say is
    Are these other people watching the same film
    This is pants

  10.  utterly brilliant


    i bought this for the wife to watch but was totally sucked in its one of those films that blokes dont look twice at in the shop but is a hidden gem of a movie jolie is excellnt in this film as well i see why she got nominated for an oscar this film is brilliant a film youll be telling all your freinds and family to watch an absolute classic