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  1.  Brilliant (esp for a TF fan)


    A hugely enjoyable game, made even more so if like me you're a fan of the G1 transformers. I'm not a huge fan of the co-op mode of the game but maybe that's just me. The fact you can go on a rampage as a giant robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex more than makes upf for this however.

  2.  An awsome game.


    After being a huge fan of the first uncharted game it was a no-brainer that i was going to buy this one the day it came out. It is ultimately more of the same, but that is by no bad thing as that exactly what i was hoping for.

    It's very much a character driven game, along with great gameplay and graphics. The way the cut scenes blend seamlessly in with the actual gameplay is very smooth. This is one of there rare games where you actually feel disappointed to complete the game, only because there's then nowhere else to go...

    Here's hoping that there's an uncharted 3 in the pipeline, and that this may become a long running series, along the same line as tomb raider, of which uncharted beats hands down.

  3.  Solid


    For the price this is a great TF Animated model to have. Transforms easily and it's also a solid toy in itself. Certainly one of the best recent TF toys that I have bought. My only complaints would be that compared to other Animated toys the perspective is way out. To be fair though the Bulkhead toy would have to be twice the size it is if it was to stick too closely to the cartoon. Secondly, it's annoying that the Autobot insignai on the chest isn't painted red. A small complaint I admit but it's annoying none the less.

    All in all though a recommended toy for old and new TF fans alike.

  4.  Very addictive.


    A brilliantly simplistic game, though one which is very challanging, very addictive, and exceedingly charming. Brilliant fun and possibly my favourite game for the PSP.

  5.  Outstanding fun.


    Brilliant game. By far the best game I've played on the PS3 to date. The visuals, the storyline, the soundtrack, and even the characters involved in the game (even if they are pretty stereotypical) are all outstanding. The length of the game is also quite impressive, lasting a lot longer than you might think. There's possibly not enough problem solving in the game, though there is plenty of shoot-em-up action to keep you amused. On top of that, the direction the game takes in the last few chapters, well it does come as a bit of a shock.

  6.  Brilliant


    This series is ithout a doubt one of the best that has been produced on television for years. There is no way that you could get through the first few episodes (never mind the entire series) without coming to love some of the characters and empathise completely with what they are going through and fighting against. I would emplore anyone who has not seen this series to take the time to watch it. They will not be disappointed in anyway, and at now £17.99 it's an absolute steal.

  7.  Solid FPS


    As first person shooters go this is up there with one of the better ones I have played. It's relatively simple in what it has to offer, but there in lies the appeal. It's got an interesting storyline and boasts some very creative weapons. It's also huge in terms of the size of the game. The amount of times I thought that I must shurely be near to completing it only to find I still had a long way to go was quite refreshing. Most games are over all too soon.

    Bad points... Not many. The storyline, whilst it is very interesting, isn't fully fleshed out as mush as I would have liked, leaving a few unanswered questions. Whether that's something that could point to a sequel I don't know. As far as the game itself goes, yes I doubt that it fully shows off just what the PS3 is really capable of. That's in no way a major criticism though as I think it'll be a while before we get a game which does.