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  1.  Average game but easy platinum trophy makes it tempting.


    This is not a great game, there are few missions with few enemies and guns. The missions are very repetative with a weak storyline,
    However, it is two player and some missions are good fun with a friend but the biggest selling point is the trophies. 11 golds and 1 platinum for completing all game on hard. It really isn't that hard and it took me one day to get the platinum.



    One of my favorite games ever. It starts of slow if you are new to the genre of gaming but when you get into it, it can leave you playing for days on end utterly hooked. Even if you do complete it with all four storylines, so far two dlcs have been released with one in the pipeline to keep you playing.

  3.  An accurate driving simulator with many flaws.


    I love cars and as a result, really liked this game. The representations of the cars are accurate, there are loads of tracks, cars and races to get your teeth into.
    The downsides are that it is difficult to earn enough money to complete events for some require you to buy a car worth 5,000,000 credits which is a good 50 7 minute races.
    Secondly, there aren't enough devices to encourage you to keep playing. It is just race after race after race with only money and the occasional reward of paint or cars.
    Furthermore, the endurance races and alot of b-spec take far too long and just lead to you getting bored. To do the 24 hour races on bspec, I would just leave the game on all day preventing me from playing the ps3 as there was a race on. Once you have stopped playing the career mode, there is no addictive online to make you keep playing so it just sits on your shelve gathering dust.
    Finally, I think that some of the challenges such as the red bull x2010 challenge is just too hard for gold, especially if you have no steering wheel.
    All in all, it is great fun untill level 20 ish and then I started to get bored. However if you do just want an accurate driving simulator regardless of how good the gaming is, it is outstanding.

  4.  Good all round Package


    This is a very good and addictive game with a variety of different gameplay from zombie survival to online play. The online is definitely worse than MW2 with the maps and guns being worse however the VERY good zombies and campaign superior to that of MW2 and Spec ops brings it back up to the standard of MW2.
    The additional hardened content COD 5 zombie maps are good with better graphics though I personally Would like the same guns as on COD 5. The rest is a bit unnecessary but it is worth it for the 4 maps.