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  1.  Swedish retro at its finest


    Graveyard, Witchraft and now Horisont- there must be something in the waters in Sweden as a generation of hirsute Swedish musicians have evoked the spirit of a the early 70s. This is yet another classic piece of retro rock which draws from the boogie and blues of the early 70's : Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Peter Green era- Fleetwood Mac . Great guiters and a fantastic warm analogue sound reminsicant of a good turntable and valve amp combination . Some may find the slightly nasal vocals a little irritating, but its their loss. For fans of rock music before punk tried and failed to kill the metal
    PS- The vynil pressing sounds even better

  2.  Sabbath worship


    Orchid sound like a Black Sabbath tribute act. The downtuned guiters and plaintive wailing are pure mid 70's Sabbath Not a bad thing in itself, but the lack of originality can be a problem.

  3.  Baroque and roll


    Neo-classical guiter wizard Luca Turilli of Italian rockers Rhapsody of Fire releases a bombastic album blending a diversity of symphonic/power metal influences with his baroque/renaissance influences .: There is no denying his virtousity or the fact that this is a unique sounding album,. on track nine the elebaorate guiter and keyboards are truly breath taking but in places the parts sit uneasily alongside each other; sampled arabeseque vocals mix with electric guiters and flutes along with layered choral vocals and jazz piano. In places the ballards sound a little cheasy( in partuclar the song Luna) akin to something that Italy would enter in the Eurovision song contest. Fans of Rhapsody of Fire and symphonic metal will not be dissapointed. This is an album that will appeal to the more adventurous rock fan

  4.  Vintage occult rock


    There seems to be wave of female fronted occult rock drawing influences from the 70's and 80's ( such as Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony etc) Christian Mistress wear their NWOBHM influences on their sleeves, which is certainly no bad thing given that this is a fine album. Production is raw and visceral which lends this plenty of grit and attack married to some dynamic guiter parts . This is a fine example of this sub-genre though unexceptional

  5.  Dark Side of the Moog


    An album of mellotron infused goodies. This is a slice of Meddle era Pink Floyd - long rammbling freeform songs with ethereal vocals provide an album that takes you back to the LSD laced days of the early 70's.

  6.  Retro- rock at its best


    Graveyard are a band who seem to channeling the spirits of John Bonham and Peter Green with an album which would not have sounded out of place had it been released in 1972, This is a stomping hard driving slice of classic blues rock , punctatuated with the occaisonal dabbling in psychedelia

  7.  Excellent slice of 70;s Occult Doom


    A demonic hybrid of Black Sabbath,Jethro Tull, Coven and Krautrock, Blood Ceremony have managed to create a unique sound blenidng organ solos and flutes with crashing bass lines and epic guter solos. Lyrics are for the most part concerned with witchcraft, the invocation of demons and black magic. For fans of Black Sabbath wanting a fantastic slice of retro-goodness