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  1.  Pretty poor


    I actually paid to see this at the cinema and I thought the film was so bad and misleading due to the trailer that I was wanting my time and money back. At the end everyone in the cinema stood up and were muttering "Is that it?" I'm not saying it has to be like The Exorcist or anything but if I weren't in the cinema and it was on TV I'd end up walking away without pausing. That's when I know the film is bad. If you like Paranormal Avtivity which I found to be quite annoying and predictable then you will probably like this but it's not for me. I wouldn't call it a horror, it made me laugh more than anything, and I personally find it poor for a paranormal type film. The Exorcism of Emily Rose was far better, it told the story of possession without focusing on possession if that makes sense so it wasn't out to scare.

    But overall I'd give this one a miss, nothing that caught my attention and I do watch a lot of horrors and so I won't say it's the worst horror made but a lot of these modern possession films are just rubbish. It takes everything you expect from ghosts, demons, possession etc and throws it into a movie. I have never seen a film where they do a different take on it. It's always doors slamming, speaking backwards, demonic voices... It's been done too many times someone has to do something new that goes against the expected.

  2.  Terrible!


    I actually paid to see this in the cinema and what a let down! It wasn't scary, it was very predictable much like Paranormal Activity which I also cannot stand as they just show the same things that are 'expected' without a good story line. By the end (and this is no joke) everyone in the cinema stood up and said "Is that it?". All of these paranormal films are getting worse and worse because no one does anything new with it. "The Exorcist" and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" are probably the only 2 decent films like this I have seen. Though not scary, they are two different takes that I have quite enjoyed. Yes both take on the expected as well but they are far more entertaining in terms of the story and how they use the 'typical' actions associated with possession. Don't waste your money on this! It is boring and the ending will just irritate you and make you hate it more. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

  3.  Great low budget film


    I LOVE horrors and recently its been difficult to find a decent one that isn't boring. People have said that the acting is terrible I disagree. It may not be the best but the actors in Broken deserve an Oscar when compared to half the actors in big budget films. I didn't expect much but it all looked quite real. The ending was a let down... In my view it was totally pointless and predictable however, for the majority it is a great film. The other girl kidnapped gets on your nerves when she just constantly screams but it is soon ended. Overall I would suggest you give it a watch but just don't look too much into it or analyse it because then you probably won't enjoy it.

  4.  Brilliant and adorable


    I bought 2 of these figurines and received the variant Eggzorcist (2%) and Dawn (14%) they are amazing figurines and I am a huge fan of the Living Dead Dolls series. I would definately recommend buying these whether it is to collect them all or just to have a couple. They are small but have great detail and the price is not too bad either

  5.  Awesome!


    I bought this along with Red Riding Hood and it was delivered in perfect condition. When I opened the box it looked much more detailed than shown in the picture - it looked fantastic. I am really happy I bought this and I would recommend it.

  6.  Beautiful!


    The coffin box has a couple of dents which aren't really noticable through shipping but other than that everything was in perfect condition! She is a beautiful doll and I love her little accessories. She was delivered very quickly and there were no problems. I'd definately recommend the seller and purchasing this doll whether you have a collection or are like me and are just starting one.