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  1.  Total rubbish!!!!!!!!


    After spending over 150 Pound on this watch I was expectiong something really good. I have no idea if it is good I'm too scared to use it! The manual is hopeless ( try getting into time keeping mode!). My wife has a Casio and changing the time takes 2 mins. On a recent trip to USA it took me over 2 hours to change the time. I don't use the alarm because I'm scared that if you put it on the time changes and will take another hour to change the time again. Overall a frustrating watch with a hopeless manual which will be going on an auction site ASAP. Would give it zero stars if I could. Do t buy this model get a less complicated one.

  2.  Simply ....... Wow


    What a fantastic film no wonder its breaking box office records worldwide!

    To be fair the begining is a bit slow but then again you have to introduce the characters to the audience especially if they are not a Marvel fan or not seen previous films. After that though the fim is stunning. The special effects are fantastic the storyline is great they way it links into the previous Iron Man, Thor and Capt America films.. very clever.

    The humour is one bit i really enjoyed the silly oneliners are perfectly delivered and dont detract from the film. As previous reviewers state Iron Man steals the show until until the Hulk 'Hulks' up and starts smashing things and then he is class.

    Dont think you can spoil the film cos just about everyone on the planet has seen it. But in case you havent make sure you keep watching through the credits as you may get a future insight into what may be coming!!

    Overall one of the best films i have ever seen and will buy the Blu Ray immeidate on release only hope it looks as good on TV as it did in the cinema!!


  3.  Pretty Poor Headphones


    Bought these after reading a number of reviews. It is correct that the set up is very easy. Plug the battery in and attach base to your TV or whatever and then tune it in. Thats where the problems arose for me. The interference on these is horrific. Going through all the different tuning options i did eventually find one that would allow me to listen to the TV. However even on its highest volume it was pretty quiet. Anytime there was a break in music or whatever on the TV all i heard wasthe background interference. Althogh watchable it drove me nuts after 5 minutes really annoying. Also providing you sit completely still again no problem, but as most of use move around a bit, as soon as you do the interference comes back and you have to manually retune. Again really annoying.

    Overall i had these for 2 days before I sent them back and asked for a refund. Going to spend a bit more money on a better quality pair. Really surprised given the reviews .

  4.  Flawed ........ but brilliantly addictive!!!!


    I am a massive fan of Zombie games (lost count of the hours spent playing the Zombies on Call of Duty) So when i heard a game about killing Zombies was a little bit dubious. Shouldnt have been.

    Yes the game has massive flaws (the duplicating of weapons was such a laugh and yes i did use it before they patched it!!) missing weapons and weapons of same type inflicting different damage and lasting only a couple of swings. I can overlook these as its such a good game.

    After playing hours on this game i still want to visit Banoi Zombies or not. The graphics ar enot in the same category as COD but the deaths, way you kill zombies and array of weapons upgrades easily counteracts that (you can see why its been banne din Germany).

    Not going to go through the story or characters but to say that im now on my third play through of this game and just want to get a better and better score and pick up all the weapons etc i missed on the first two go throughs.

    Only disappointment was the ending. When you meet the final 'challenge' it is all to easy to defeat it I tooled up all my special weapons and med kits expecting a huge fight and it all ended too quickly.

    Havent really played online as yet as im a real loner when it comes to these type of game I want to inflict damage on as many of the undead as possible and dont want to share... selfish i know!
    Really chuffed to find out that the company behind this have copy righted or something similar another concept called Dead World which is rumoured to be a sequel which I will definately buy. The biggest praise i can give this game is that i have stopped playing COD MW3 and BF3 for this and they are both excellent games.

    One final word of warning......... try playing this in the dark, with headphones on and the volume turned up when one of the screamers starts running at you......... you have been warned - Class

  5.  Not as good as it could be!


    First of all as a child i was a massive fan of Thor probably one of my favourite comic characters growing up. When i heard it was to be made into a film I was thinking brilliant cant wait. I now have decided i could have waited. I thought this has to be one (if not the) worst adaptation of a Marvel Comic to date.

    The storyline was awful the acting even worse I could not form any relationship with any of the characters except Hopkins and hoped that they would all be heading to Vallhalla at the end of the film. Lead actor (cant even recall his name) was very wooden, Natalie Portman was terrible and rest looked like they ere in it for the paycheck.

    I think the film relied too heavily of the special effects which in my opinion could not save this film. Some of the fight scenes were quite good but without the CGI this would have been a really horrific film.

    At the end of the film i only had one question. Is it too late for the producers to pull Thor from the upcoming Avengers movie? Im a huge fan of the Iron Man movies and think Thor in the new movie could detract from him being such a strong character.

    Here's hoping im wrong but.....................

  6.  Am I playing the correct game?


    How disappointed can you get with a console game? I answered this playing BF3. Firstly it would not allow me to download the HD content onto my XBox despite having 200GB free (that may also affect what im about to say). The storyline in the main game is (in my opinion) so poor that i switched it off.... came back about 4 weeks later and its still just as bad. The weapons are naff so unrealistic and almost impossible to line up with a target. If real no one would use these as the recoil is ridiculous. Got bored very easily also. One of the first missions all i had to do was follow someone waiting for it all to kick off around the corner .... but no... end of the level. No idea what its about.

    The poorest aspect of the game for me is the graphics (but please bear in mind what i said about the HD content above). The faces are angular the cars were blurred overall very disappointing,

    Had quick play on the online section and its for that reason i gave it 2 stars. Its quite good with a big range of different missions to play. Overall wish i hadnt bought this when it first came out and can see why someone would pay 25 quid for it now. Overall massive disappointment from a series of games I really enjoy. If there is a BF4 i will definately take time before spending money on it.

  7.  Much as a much


    I am a big fan of this franchise (as well as BF3) and just like the other game was eagerly awaiting the launch of this new episode. Like BF3 im a little disappointed. Whoever says the graphics on this game are poor must be playing on either a naff TV of their console is broken. The graphics are excellent.

    Ive only played the 'Game' itself for about an hour and it's pretty much the same as all the previous titles. I will take my time and complete it on all levels as normal. Its the online play that i really wanted to try and now that i have im a little annoyed. Whether its just my console i dont know but I can leave it searching for a game of Deathmatch or Domination, go and make a cup of coffee watch an episode of something on TV turn back and guess what...... its still searching. In 3 hours of play yesterday I had about 45 mins of actual play and 2 1/4 hours of searching for games. And yes once i get in and play once or twice it kicks me out!!! Very annoying.

    Other annoying aspects the Maps are nothing new. You cant stop and if you do your dead. Get a shotgun and just run around firing you will kill as often as getting killed very little skill involved. Also when someone runs at me and I fire and die (happens to us all) the replay shows that i dint even lift my gun let alone get a shot off before being shot!

    So far it appears to be an ok game hence its 3 stars. After i play it longerit may well go up but sitting here writing this if i had a spare hour dont think i would play either MW3 or BF3 but choose something else. A little disappointed in both games.

  8.  Brilliant Ending to a much loved trilogy!!!


    Ever since playing the first 2 Gears War was really excited for the 3rd installment and it didn't let you down. The story line is brilliant, the locusts are more deranged than ever and the executions..... well i wont spoil them. Rather weird I played the game all the way through on the first two levels completing it. On the third go through there was a few different 'missions' to do which i definately did not do on the first two run throughs don't know if this is part of the game or a slight glitch on mine (if you play the lower levels and have to rescue Jace and Anya from a Berserker this is the part mine missed out).

    The only down side for me and may well be in the minority is the online game. Of the various different modes i found the deathmatch and horde to be really good the other ones i tired off after just a couple of tries. When last online there were over 250,000 gamers on deathmatch and around 4,000 on the other ones.... not sure if this tells you something. Anyway thats the reason it doesn't get 5 stars for me. Only shame there is not a fourth installment..... can't have everything i suppose!! Enjoy it

  9.  Completely stupid...... but fantastic!!!


    This has to be one of the biggest surprises movies for me. Had this film for ages just never fancied watching it. Lent it to family who thought it was hilarious. Watched it and I agree.. Its a cross between Shaun of the Dead and Night of the Living dead. The characters are hilarious, the villains even more so and the way the zombies come their demise is classic. The cast are spot on. Although you might not recognise the names the faces you will. One hint listen very carefully when you watch this as there are loads of one liners in the background that you might miss.. they are magic. Overall and excellent film and cant wait to watch it again. Give this pride and place in your collection..... its worth it.

  10.  Definately seen worse ......


    Ok not the best sci fi movie thats ever been made but then again certainly not the worst! Watched this hoping for nothing more than a couple of hours of easy viewing and its certainly that. The characters are very cliched and you can guess what is going to happen for a lot of the movie. I particularly do not like Michelle Rodriguez for her kick bottom style and again she does not fail to unimpress!! The other characters are harmless enough and the acting isnt really that bad add that to the CGI and all together not a bad little movie. Ive heard its the first ina trilogy planned and i would certainly watch they next two!! I can only add thank the stars for the Americans without them where would we be!!!!! Cheesy but fun