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  1.  Great tv for the bedroom


    What a great little tv, received it today, 3 days delivery and a doddle to set up, I've got my Xbox set up to it and the picture is stunning in 1080p all in all a great buy, must say thanks to play for a very quick delivery!

  2.  Deeply dissapointing!


    Was expecting a really good horror, but there was nothing that hadn't already been done before, you just seem to know what is going to happen next! A very predictable film indeed.

  3.  I Miss My XBOX 360!!!


    I bought my 360 2 years ago this xmas and sold it recently and bought a ps3 and now i wish i did'nt sell it!, don't get me wrong though because i love my ps3, its just that there are some fantastic games coming out ie gears of war 2, fable 2, and i'm going to miss out, its a wonderful design and the joypads are a hell of a lot better than the ps3 versions but i don't know why people are slating the 360 because there is not much difference between them at all,one does one thing differently and vice versa, looks like i'm gonna have to get saving for crimbo and get my proritys right and get meself a 360!!!!

  4.  Beautiful phone! (BUT)


    What a fantastic fone ,but nokia need to sort the battery out, come on swedes,danish, netherlands whoever!! 12 hours for battery life there is more to this than that!!!!

  5.  Wonderful!


    The first time i seen this was on film 4, sat on the setee with my to kids, and my partner reading a girlie mag, i like everyone else was thinking what the ...... am i watching until the two main characters napoleon and kip decided to build a ramp! that was it we were glued, what an original funny sometimes hilareous film even my 8 year old was giggleing his socks off yes my 8 year old! so it go's to show you can watch a funny film with your young kids without worrying about someone swearing,please get this film, if you have a wicked sense of humour even more reason to get it, i think he grew up into alan partirdge, back of the net.