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  1.  Trixes 10 ports USB 2.0


    Fast Delivery. Bought two of these. Plugged it into my LAPTOP AND Tested port 1 and 10 on each ,connecting my External 500 GB hard drive, and it opened smoothly and quickly, no problem. Build is of sturdy quality,and each USB port plugged in smoothly, and the overall SWITCH is great. I always use ;REMOVE HARDWARE' function for removing an hardware attached via USB PORTS. All in all, great product for EXCELLENT PRICE. well done PLAY.COM.

  2.  Sandisk Cruzer Limited Edition 8GB Formatting to NTFS


    Bought 3 Sandisk CruzerLimited Edition , and received them promptly. However, when I first tried to Load them and start using The SecureAccess feature, I was totally lost as to how to go about all this. No Instructions, ok, the Video is good, but if you are new to Sandisk SecureAccess Software, God Help you, he didn't help me though, for I struggled over 1 hour to suss it out, but TO NO AVAIL. God, however, did send someone nicknamed:'Alucard2006' WHO wrote an extensive comment on how to format this type of Sandisk USB Flash Drive from its DEFAULT FAT32 to NTFS., thus enabling me to use this as a USB-DRIVE with SANDISK SECURE ACCESS SOFTWARE. So, A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU 'Alucard2006', cause I had read your comment prior to my ordering the SANDISK thinking "It will come in handy" when I receive my order. AND BY GOD , IT DID. Thanks. Zed in Gloucestershire - UK.

  3.  Problem Getting the Secure Access software to work


    Received it today, 5/12/2011. Plugged it in and spent about 1 hour trying to configure how to get the SecureAccess Software to Work. Luckily, I had downloaded one of the comments made about this sort of problem, on this Website, about Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive, and managed to figure out how to Format the USB Cruzer, and turn it into an NTFS drive, and used it as a normal drive without SanDisk SecureAccess 'crap' free software. I am computer literate, and tried to figure all this out without any instructions. Still, 8GB of Storage for eight pounds can't be bad. If anybody, now, knows how to use Sandisk Secure Access software on this NTFS-formatted drive, I would be grateful. Zed of Gloucestershire.

  4.  Correction to the Description-


    The Sale Intro-Description of the film states that the Captain landed on a "Distant Planet ruled by Apes", whereas if my memory serves me well, the Captain discovers, later on in the Film, that he had in fact retuned to Earth, hence the Statue Of Liberty figuring prominently in the Story. When it was first released the viewer was simply spell-bound by the STORY. A Classic Film that ranks along another classic, 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY. Zed - Gloucestershire.

  5.  CnM 750GB Desktop External HDD


    Delivery was superfast,arrived the next day.The Hard Drive is well built,runs quietly (you don't hear a thing whilst it's running), Power Supply unit of excellent built and length of lead. Has a separate on-off switch,which means when you shut down your computer, you just press the off-switch. Tested it, and Backed up my Laptop within 45 minutes (for 70 GB of Data), and whilst backing up I never had any hitch like stopping,or failing to save a folder or file. All Saving ran smoothly & completed sucessfully. N.B: As this Hard-Drive came with 'DESlock+ with a Promotional Code for Software, which required going onto 'deslock' websitein order to register the Hard-Drive and Download the DESlock software, I declined to do that because after reading a few sentences about the NATURE AND FUNCTION of this DESlock being a facility that would give you space to save your data on some Secure Server at DESlock, I felt it unnecessary for me to do that, despite the writing on the small card saying: "...DESlock is accredited by UK Government, and we all know how Government handles Secure DAta Sticks,(yes you got it, they LEAVE THE STICK ON TRAIN-SEATS.LOL). It's up to you to use this Software, but I did not think it was necessary for me to use it,because I have my own systems of Backing up on External Drives, without having to rely on some Server-Facility, which is based somewhere in the world that I don't know where. No Thanks. However, I am delighted with this purchase for the Price was UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP, and the HARD DRIVE was/is of excellent sturdy build. I like old fashioned sturdy and solid quality design. I Will be buying another one of the same very soon. (P.S: Unless I have misunderstood the nature of this DESlock Software, please note that I am not sure if what I said above is correct about My Data being,or will have to be Stored at DESlock Server. Hence, Please , if anybody understands how this software works, and if its easy to use, and keep on my Computer with the Data, I would be GRATEFUL for any advice.Thanks.)