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  1.  Not so awesome


    With 5 reviews all with 5 stars you expect this to be a brillant Sci Fi TV series.

    I hink this is not the case, my option.

    It is a cheap budget TV series which combines bits of farscape, the A team and wild west and it does not work on many levels. Usually each episode has a bar fight with stoods or chairs being thrown and smashed over the bad guys heads and then the ship comes and picks them up.

    If you want strong characters, good story lines, good special effects then watch startrek, babylon 5, stargate, stargate atlantis, fringe, grimm or eureka. You will not be disappointed with these series.

    If you want bad stories, scripts, cheap sets and not so good special effects then buy firefly.

    That said, the film Serenity based on Firefly is far better and IS worth watching, in my option.

  2. Quake 2

    Quake 2

    PC Games

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     Quake two review and running it in windows


    I recently bought the game from play. Gamespot has a good review for this game, what I am going say is how to run it in XP, Vista or W7 (32 or 64bit).
    There are 2 apps that help run quake2
    dosbox allows program to run in a window
    d fend reloaded gui front end to run dosbox and the game, (plus will often provide installion of games as well)
    Quake2 requires manual loading from disk.

    1 copy install folder to harddrive in a folder called quake2.
    2 in install folder there is patch folder with zip file q2-3.20-x86-full-ctf.exe
    3 copy to quake2 folder then extract all files for patch

    Ok game is installed, you may try double clicking quake2.exe in quake 2 folder, but I found stablility problems when going to different areas as the next map is loaded into the game.

    You can then use dosbox to run quake2.exe
    1 mount cdrom drive
    2 mount harddrive mapped to quake2 folder
    3 run quake2 which comes up in window
    4 go to video options and change screen size to suit, I found software emulation rather than hardware options works with no problems
    5 once that has been set run game (in separate window)
    6 end game back to main menu go to video options and set full screen (this maybe ok or may be unstable) if unstable go to video options and set back to game in a separate window

    D fend reloaded is a great GUI front end to run dosbox, it is an excellent. to run from d fend just
    1 load up application
    2 click green add button and choose select add from template and complex dos games with 3d graphics
    3 profile editor pops up, in profile name text box add quake 2
    4 Program file text box select button on right and go to quake2 folder and select quake2.exe file
    5 select icon button go to quake2 install folder and select q2 icon
    6 press ok button, (a warning about dosbox exe file comes up) ignore this and profile is made
    7 select quake profile and press green run button, then quake 2 should run in full window mode

    hope this helps, happy gaming

  3.  Hexen Fantasy mythical game € FPS


    This game originally runs on DOS/windows 95, BUT now you can run Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32-bit binaries) and linux (32-bit & 64-bit binaries). There are add on`s which enhance the graphical objects such as the monsters, fire and bitmaps of the building details which extends the life of the game. This is similar to Doom / Quake with monsters to kill (2 headed warriors, swamp thing, yeti, centaurs, bats that spit fire balls, magical bishops, etc). You can start your quest as either fighter, cleric or mage and at different levels of difficulty and collect items, evade various traps and complete each level while killing many monsters on the way. The lands are simple layouts with mainly internal caves, monasteries, swamp areas and other buildings which are dark and gives a scary atmosphere similar to doom / quake games. I have enjoyed this game for many years and now I can play it again by using doomsday kickstart.

    The Doomsday Engine Wiki (DEW)
    Doomsday kickstart project (source forge)