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  1.  A Modern Classic!!


    While the world went 3D bonkers 2d got left behind, but now we go retro again!! Think Super Mario World and Mario 3 with HD graphics in a 2D style scrolling game with 4 players at once and it's utterly amazing gameplay and is pure and simple.

    I Think this really is the best game i've played since well super mario world on the snes!

  2.  Amazing


    as a "docu/film" they don't get much better than this and just as good if not better than the Senna Film too.

    They got it spot on the follow Guy Martin as he's one hell of a fella and funny too!

    This film really has got all kinds of emotions going on and the best thing about it is you don't have to like bikes to watch this it's so gripping.

    Great direction and the video footage is ace along with the sound.

    Can't go wrong at all in this one.

    "Go to the Isle of Man and the bike sucks rabbits out of the hedges. There's nothing like it!" - Guy Martin

  3.  Great Memory Card


    I've been using this for about 1 year now and has seen heavy use! Used in my GoPro HD it's been in crazy situations from freezing to humid and never fail to record my footage.

    Just recently been trying it out in my Nikon D7000 and its just as good in this with 6fps shots in burt mode and in 16mp format RAW + JPG saved without a worrie!!

    Goning to order a second one right now!

  4.  Great insight into the world of BSB


    Very interesting watching how the four racers progress and deal with set backs during the races and I really felt for Tommy Hill but that's racing. Great insight into a spectacular series - I still can't get over how quick they are. They are true hero's doing what they do, get it wrong and it's ugly, get it right and I don't think there is a better buzz.

    Hope thay produce more like this imagine a MotoGP version with Rossi eh?

    Good overall effort - even none motorcycle fans would enjoy it.

  5.  "Drop that zero and get with the hero"


    This film really takes you back to the 90's in style, not everybodys cuppa but this is just ace, great lingo from the iceman and good music, story and them bikes ;)

    This has been my most awaited film of all time to be released on DVD!!
    Buy it now!

  6.  Codies have done good


    O.k this game is not perfect and it's a little too arcady for me but this does make online racing closer, there are several bugs in this game and hopefully they will be addresed soon.

    Good graphics and if using a wheel like G27 it's got great feedback.
    It's not a good as the mods on rfactor offering very little in terms of setup but for their first outing into F1 its good, the games engine is a peach.

    Worth it but only if you like F1!!

  7.  A True Masterpiece!


    Words are hard to discribe how I feel about this album, Chances are you've heard a few of his songs, there all over films & T.V shows like Top Gear.

    Clubbed to Death is the height of the album, turn it up! all the way up & let rip.

    The Furious Angels track is also very very awesome.

    Your not sure you should get this album or not? Take a chance, sit back turn it up and enjoy an utter classic.


  8.  Save your pennies


    I enjoyed the first film but this was silly. way ott with the camera rotaing around the robots as they fight made, me dizzy! Stop it with stupid no so funny robots whats that about?
    no plot just mindless action. Megan Fox is fit but cover yourself up girl kiddies are watching this.

    Nearly fell asleep twice in the cinema watching this nuff said.

  9.  Yawn!


    If like me you a Terminator nut - stay away. simple.
    Pretend it never happend along with that series and the 3 other films there popping out.

    Mr Cameron wrote the first 2, case closed.

  10.  Ace


    One of the best films in recent years imo. No silly CGI proper film, great cast - bale is ace.

    The best western since Unforgiven!

    The story is good enough even if you cant stand westerns you will enjoy it!