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  1.  Cher the Joy!


    A triumphant return! One of the very best albums that Cher has ever done. Staying true to form the album is big, diverse and has some incredibly catchy songs. There is no sign of any 'filler' songs, every one has something new, fresh and exciting to offer. You can really sense P!nk's song writing influences throughout. With moving tracks "I hope you find it" to dance tunes like "Woman's world", the whole album is worth every penny! The deluxe version has some fantastic additions and remixes that are worth the little bit extra!

  2.  Cher the passion!


    A triumphant return! One of the very best albums that Cher has ever done. Staying true to form the album is big, diverse and has some incredibly catchy songs. There is no sign of any 'filler' songs, every one has something new, fresh and exciting to offer. You can really sense P!nk's song writing influences throughout. With moving tracks "I hope you find it" to dance tunes like "Woman's world", the whole album is worth every penny.

  3.  All hell broke loose!


    Perfect! The console version is spot on, better than the classic PC adventure. Game play is solid, and entertaining. There is a huge scope for variation and the online elements work a treat. Check out gameplay footage for yourself and invest in one of the greatest RPGs around!

  4.  What's that coming over the hill?!


    Another wonderful addition to the 'found footage' genre, but this time with a big budget Hollywood vibe!

    A wonderful and oddly believable story of survival in Manhattan! The film starts with your standard introduction to the cast, which lends itself very well to them becoming all the more relatable! The Blu-Ray quality means that there certainly is more viewing pleasure, as even through the camcorder style filming, there is a lot more to notice!

    The pace of the film is very easy and it does not waste time with filler scenes so common to the genre. The effects are wonderful, everything rendered well, even the flying debris feels real and oddly threatening. This is one of those fine moments of survival cinema where you can really exercise the 'if it was me' muscles!

    'Found footage' fans will take away something fresh and well constructed, others will just have a wonderful adventure!

  5.  Something WICKED this way comes!


    From the very start this movie establishes a raw and bleak tone. It certainly seems that imagery is a vital element of this tour de force! With disjointed images that are truly chilling to the 'found footage' elements, there are more than a few sights to chill the bones!

    I won't bore you with the director, makers bit (as other reviewers have done a great job with that) but you can certainly feel the influences of two unique film styles working in perfect unison! In this instance the terror machine has become far more than the sum of it's creepy parts!

    With a wonderful cast of talented people, you can really get a sense of family dynamics at play. This lends itself so well to the horrific plot points to come. Another fresh and unique premise that certainly had me doing research afterwards! I feel I should also point out that the editor of this film really knows his stuff. Not an inch was wasted and everything felt relevant and important, there was no room for pointless scenes that so commonly act as filler for films of this kind.

    A new wave of horror that is as relentless as it's antagonist! Well worth a watch!

  6.  Get lost...coast tapes!


    Well, where to begin with this one...fantastic premise. The found footage genre has had somewhat of a recent boom with the likes of Paranormal Activity. There has been a sudden influx of concepts in an effort to bring something new to the genre, we have seen trolls, ghosts, demons, witches and even giant aliens (Cloverfield) so it was nice to have something around the legend of Big Foot!

    The cast are another bunch of unknowns doing their best, however they do not seem to gel well at all. I was constantly aware that I was watching 'acting'. When they do not make much effort to warm your heart, it follows that you do not feel all that much when they ultimately peg it! Although I will say that the 'Big Foot expert' was probably the most relatable! With a bit of a throw back to Quint from Jaws!

    The execution starts well, although the plot seems to be very linear and predictable to begin with, they make the rookie mistakes that people just would not make in real life! The film is paced well and build suspense in the right areas, with a couple of 'oh s**t moments'!

    However as the film trots towards the crescendo the legend is replaced by something new and mysterious... (no plot spoiling here!) and boarders on the somewhat ridiculous! It has very little replay value but for what it is...it's o.k.

    Found footage fans will defiantly take away something new.

  7.  Welcome... Arisen!


    WHAT A GAME! An RPG that really stands out from the crowd! Perfectly balances a simplistic style of play with a rich, diverse, character driven world! From the start the character customization (which is important in an RPG) is diverse and deep yet simple and 'no nonsense'. I recreated myself as an Arisen in less than 15 mins! As far as the story goes, you can tell from the opening cinematic that this will be an adventure and it does not fail to deliver. With a few fantastic twists at the end! You will find yourself touched and inspired! As far as game play mechanics goes, this simple 'shoulder buttons' to assign skills is inspired! Easy to use, upgrade your skills and head out to hunt some hydra! There are basic classes (fighter, ranger, mage) to get you started, until you progress to the capital city, where the inn keeper will change your vocation to an advanced form of the basic classes, or a hybrid class (magic archer, magic warrior etc.). Each class, or vocation has so many skills and augmentations to acquire! This alone makes for a very high replay value! (I am on my second play through and loving it more than the first time!). The other thing I have to mention is spell effects... if you are anything like me you love to encant a good spell, well this game really goes for it in the effects department! You will be summoning meteors from the sky to obliterate the battle field, causing giant maelstroms that will reach heavenward and even cause glaciers to thrust out of the ground, impaling the enemy! The monsters that roam the lands are also a sight to behold! Each more fearsome than the next! All in all, this game was somewhat under-hyped, perhaps because of the developers perceived lack of experience in making RPGs, but I can say from experience that this game will thrill and delight even the most hardened RPG fans! I hope CAPCOM will deliver a worthy sequal!

  8.  New wave horror revival!


    At last a horror film worthy of the genre! From the start this film wrenches itself away from the crowd by openly twisting some of the tired old cliches, the jock (who is bright and intelligent), the 'sexy' girls (who are both intelligent and forward thinking, with no nonsense attitudes) and the 'wasted stoner' (who is a philosophical and sociological genius, as well as a damn fine comedian!). This film is a shining example of what editing should be like, moving seamlessly along at a very pleasing pace. The premise is one of the most original and perfectly executed I have seen in the genre, and the action is well balanced with character building. Each cast member showing you something that will warm your heart towards them and make it almost 'difficult' when they are slain! Of course this movie stars Marvel super hero THOR (Chris Hemsworth) and his performance is both touching and comedic in parts. For me the whole film was a joy to behold, and to be honest, I am not sure what the other reviewers were watching but I have watched this film 5 or 6 times now, and I love it every time! Seriously, take some advice from a hard core horror movie fan and give this a go...you won't regret it!

  9.  Pure Liquid Wonder-Mint


    A wonderful debut album! These guys really sing heartbreak well, easy vocals and a strong 'wall of sounds'. Highly recommended!

  10.  Oh my...


    I wish I could give this film a lower rating! I sat, for what seemed like days, watching Helen M. feed an old German guy! The plot was predictable, and it's execution very disappointing. There was no real substance about the film, I was waiting for a climax, only to be let down by the same sense of the director/writer dragging their feet! I would avoid, I can't believe people have rated this so highly, I guess it's just me, everyone is different, but as far as I can see, this film has nothing to offer.