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  1.  This series is legend, wait for it, dary!


    This TV series is one of my favourites, the characters are so likeable which if they arent ruins a series. its very funny and easy to watch, theres about 20-24 episodes a series which means you are getting alot for your money, i would strongly advise buying this series because its very addicting!

  2.  Best game i've played in 2011


    This game is amazing, it may not have the best graphics, but it makes up for it in hilarious gameplay and cutscenes. The game is so outrageous. The game starts out as you dressed up in bobble head suits in a bank! next mission your skydiving out of a plain shooting gang members and dodging cars and falling obstacles. outside of the missions theres also lots to be done, theres activties that will make you money and help you gain control over the city steelport and steal it back from the rival gang the syndicate. diffrent from the previous game theres choices, there not going tochange the game almost at all but they let you gain extra things like blowing up a building gains you extra respect and keeping that building earns you extra cash. Theres so much to do and so muchg to explore and this game will keep you enticed all the way, so much you just want to keep playing. For me, not only the best game i've played in 2011, but one of the best games i've played in years!

  3. Rage


    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     Great Game, rushed ending


    This game is actual really good. The graphics are stunning the gameplay flows and is a real fun game to play. whoever thought up bladed boomerangs is a genius. theres 3 discs, ones for multi-player other 2 are for the campaign. i went into the campaign thinking yes 2 discs this is going to last me till christmas. 2 days later ive finished it in about 3 hours a day. all in all 6 hours of gameplay. just as you start to get ace weapons and cool cars it just ends and the ending doesnt explain anything it reaches no conclusion. Great game, ruined by the rushed ending.

  4.  Epic Finale that will go down in gaming history


    Gears 3 is amazing, the graphics are awesome and the story gripping. Being a fan of the first two games this was the finale i was waiting for. new multiplayer modes are awesome, horde and beast mode. were you either play as humans building bases and defending against locust invaders or the locust destroying the humans. Story mode was amazing and i felt for the character and his team something most games lack these days. a must buy, epic you have made one of my favourite series now shame to see it end!

  5.  Another classic by rockstar


    This game is amazing. rockstar have stepped back form violent games and pulled of a clever game. the story is fantastic keeping you hooked and its very long. so many cool detective sequences such as cool chases on rooftops, or brawls, or car chases and iconic gun fights. so unique, crimescenes that make you investigate. one wrong move can lead to the case ending a diffrent way. rising through the ranks and gaining new patners. i applaud you rockstar once more you've failed to dissapoint, you pulled this one out the bag.

  6. Brink


    Xbox 360

    18 New from  £2.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Not so amazing


    first and foremost you have zero health someone shoots you youve lost half your health in one. 2 it constantly glitches making it virtually impossible to sometimes play. 3 the new smart system smells, you run into obstacles like 20 times before he climbs them. 4 people playing medics dont even get there butts in gear and help you. its alright but not what it was made out to be. get it when it comes down in price, on the bright side the customization is amazing and the whole change roles in the operation.

  7.  game of the year for sure!!!!!!!!


    This game is utterly amazing. the graphics are so realistic and unique. you feel like your in the game. the skill shot system is awesome allowing you to launch your enemy in the air and finish them with style, or just shooting them in the private area and kicking them in the faqce to see there head explode. whats more its so simple to control. unique weapons each with their own charge shot put in a nice effect. yeah the storylines short but hell i would preoder this game again in a heart beat. online is stunning and the story makes you feel for the characters. sign up for a sequel im begging you.

  8.  getting closer to a good futuristic RPG


    okay i severly hated fallout 3 it annoyed me how everything is better than you. the people shot you and killed you in 3 shots. now new vegas in improved that slightly. still everyone has armor so they cant die, but this time you stood as sort of fighting chance with your companions with you. the companions were helpful and easy to command. i say get this game when it comes down to a tenner at least.

  9.  Batmans back, and hes bigger, badder, and more awesome.


    Batman arkham asylum is a great game with a long campaign. its combat system is amazing allowing you to string endless moves and counters. also the stealth sections are fun allowing you to systematicly pick of your oppenents and watch your enemies desend into madness. with lots to keep you interested there lots of villians including obviously joker, harley quinn, killer croc and many more. cant wait until the sequel arkham city. this game kicks ass

  10.  im a bit confused


    I dont get this game. whats the point to it. you just run around turning off machines and clearing out bases theres no missions or story line to it. you just shoot anything and listen to a really annoying dude telling you your not very good at the game. its alright and can be quite fun but i must say but you cant do anything unless you progress your skills. i mean you cant progress your skills its vertually impossible. anyhow get this game when its about a fiver.