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  1.  Cash in, NOT a tribute!


    This documentary is HORRIBLE! I am a HUGE MJ fan and I was left thoroughly unsatisfied by this work from David Gest, supposedly one of MJ's oldest friends. Simply stated, this movie is woefully structured and clumsily edited. It spends a good hour exploring MJ's childhood and musical journey with the Jackson Five, briefly touches upon the Off The Wall album, then in ten minutes, zooms over Thriller and Bad, Dangerous and Invincible aren't even mentioned! So an indepth film about his life mentions NOTHING about his albums? Instead, we go from the J 5 to the This Is It concerts, then to the molestation court cases, then back again in history to the Pepsi ad hair catching fire incident, then back to the court cases.....? I was shocked by how amateur the whole thing felt. Yes, it has tons of interviews with MJ's mother and only two of his brothers, David Gest pretty much narrates the WHOLE thing!! But where is Janet and the rest of his brothers? Where is rare and precious rehearsal footage? Where, in fact, is Thriller clips, Smooth Criminal clips, the seminal Motown 25 clips? Where are all the things that made MJ successful at all, you might wonder? I was hoping this would be the ultimate tribute movie to MJ but it falls far short of even being an entertaining fluff piece. Save your money, MJ fans. Michael deserves more than this and This ISN'T It!

  2.  The Best Superhero Movie Of All Time!


    After all these years, I can happily report (with no surprise whatsoever) that this is STILL not only the best Batman movie ever made but my favourite superhero movie of all time! Keaton is still the best Batman, as crazy as the Joker and three times as charming as any Batman after him. Jack Nicholson IS The Joker! That is a given! I do like Nolan's vision but this, THIS is where it is at! Those visuals, the acting, that SCORE! If you haven't seen this, you should be ashamed! Burton = genius!

  3.  Equals the first!


    I love this movie as much as the original, perhaps even moreso. It raised the stakes, physically and emotionally, and holds the lofty position of being the KK film to have my favourite moment in the whole trilogy, the ice breaking sequence where we really see Daniel's potential. It just fills my heart up to watch the developing relationship between Daniel and Miyagi, especially the sea scene where Daniel talks his mentor through losing his own father. Breathless stuff! If you own the first, you HAVE to own this!

  4.  Quite possibly the greatest game of all time!


    I was never into all the GT games, so when this was compared, I wasn't too enthused. This game LIVES AND BREATHES! It truly feels like a real open world where anything can happen. Graphics are flawless, the physics engine powerful and dynamic, the......you know what? This game nails every element! DO NOT EVEN hesitate to buy/play this game. Though you will lose your girlfriend or your social life to it! Perfect gaming! And then comes MULTIPLAYER!!! Oh yeah!

  5.  Flawless!


    Easily in my top ten of all time! This story will move and excite you with pin point performances and stand out set pieces, not to mention the awe inspiring music. You don't watch The Karate Kid, you experience it. Re-live that final climatic moment again and again, it never tires! Magical!

  6.  Intensely creepy film!


    I'd heard mixed reviews about this but make no mistake, Craven is back on top form with this intensely creepy psycho slasher. The direction is taut and nerve jarringly tense, the acting is way above par (I have no idea where those complaints came from, especially the lead, Bug, who I thought was amazing!), the violence sudden and shocking and the editing self assured. It's an edgy story from start to finish and I absolutely loved it! Take it onboard. Wes is BACK!

  7.  Finally!


    Finally, a decent Fist Of The North Star game! I downloaded the demo and was waiting to hear that high pitched repetition squeal and the hundred fists and there they were! Pitch point perfect! Sublime graphics, over the top gore and a rocking soundtrack! 'Defend yourself! Yeaaahhh!'

  8. Crash



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     As Smooth As Polished Bodywork


    To say I was slightly confused after watching this film was an understatement.

    Was I supposed to now understand something about autoeroticism that I hadn't previously? Had the plot actually gone anywhere? I felt, and sometimes still do, that I had missed something that was crucial to the story and once discovered, the whole film would click into place.

    Upon a second viewing, the cool and calculated direction of such abrasive subject matter by the masterful David Cronenberg drew me into the lives of these characters with such hypnotic force, I was left breathless.

    Like the novel itself, Crash is a quite simply a beautiful work of art about quite an ugly subject. Despite the controversy surrounding it, it remains a visual tour de force, the camera at times simply a neutral observer, at others, a prowling predatory monster (see the opening montage). For those who allow themselves to be totally submerged in the atmosphere of a film, Crash is an experience unlikely to be repeated. For others, it will be a cold, emotionless myriad of one sex scene after another.

    Think hard about indulging in this film however if sex scenes tend to offend you, it can be truly shameless at times and without conscience.



    Here are the facts :

    Beauty School, Risk and Royal are better than most of the songs on White Pony.

    Most. Not better than Change in The House Of Flies, Passenger or Knife Party.

    Is it a better album? Overall? I'm still undecided.

    What I DO know is this is the sound of a band so in control of their destiny it's almost frightening!

    Forget Adrenaline and even Around The Fur, this album is so complete in sound and direction it finally proves that the Deftones no longer have any peers!

    They've balanced brutality, structure, melody, passion, precision and beauty in one heartfelt positive collection of songs. I always knew they were good, but this left me breathless!

    Buy. Please buy!

  10.  Brilliant!


    Strong songwriting! Solid production! Hit after hit after hit! Nickelback at their very best! Make no mistake, this is their BEST album! If you only have a passing interest in this band, check out this album!