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  1.  Dreadful.


    DR2 was a horrible game. The missions were horrible. In a nutshell your daughter was turning into a zombie, and the only way to prevent this was from giving her zombrex. So what you would do is that you'd have a time limit to get her the zombrex, and whilst you hunt it down you have to help some guys who are getting attacked by zombies and lead them back to the safezone.

    So pretty much this is what happens.

    You get CONSTANTLY pestered to find zombrex. This causes it to be unenjoyable. The AI's you have to help are glitchy and get stuck behind the most ridiculous of things. The load screens are just DREADFUL. Every 5 minutes of gameplay you have to go through 5 minutes of loading screens.


    You will play it once and think " This is quite fun! The zombies are really fun to mow down! " . The 2nd time you'll think " God, im so bored of these frickin' loading screens, and WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THE MISSIONS, THERE SO BORING, LEMME JUST KILL ZOMBIES!" And the 3rd time, well, there won't be a 3rd time cause you will NOT want to go back!

  2.  Same old same old.


    When I bought this game, i was very excited.. and I was let down.

    The singleplayer was easy on all modes. But when you got to veteran there was only one way to complete the level.. and that was to go in guns blazing. Sniping was not an option. This was because there was a never ending amount of mobs spawning into the place. THIS WAS VERY ANNOYING. It was your standard length of a fps, which was 7-9 hrs.

    The multiplayer was fun, but it was no different to the other call of dutys.

    The graphics in comparison to MW2 were dreadful, it actually hurt my eyes. They were grainy and square, and it was a MASSIVE downgrade!

    Not impressed.

  3.  Excellent product, possibly to large though.


    Does what it says on the box! Stops fingers slipping off! Though, the product is very weak and wears down easily. The people who say the triggers kept popping off if squeezed to hard are wrong in my opinion. I was squeezing them so hard my fingers so hard that my knuckles were going white and they didn't pop off.

    In conclusion :

    Pros -

    Stops fingers slipping off.
    Easy to attach.


    The grips are easy to wear down so that it will no longer attach.
    A bit large for the controller.