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  1.  hilarious


    The chemistry between the characters/actors is just brilliant, and makes for some hilarious scenes. As much as the humour becomes predictable, you can't help but laugh in every episode, and Schmidt in particular steals the show. The kind of TV box set you can come back to again and again.

  2.  quirky and good fun


    Wes Anderson's unique style definitely continues with Moonrise Kingdom. The story of teenage romance is played out with the usual dose of quirky humour and a strange sequence of events. I very much enjoyed Edward Norton's boy scout leader role, as well Harvey Keitel's random cameo appearance. This is pure escapist fun.

  3.  Michelle williams is mesmerising


    This role was made for Michelle Williams. She is mesmerising as the troubled Margot, a perfect vessel for Polley's exploration of young relationships and how complicated they really are. There are some very funny laugh out loud scenes, as well as the expected poignant moments, and Polley's use of colour and the camera makes this film wonderful to watch. A beautiful film, definitely worth owning.

  4.  dark historical drama


    Jeremy Irons definitely carries this show, a perfect choice to play a corrupt Pope. The storyline is great fun, dark and eventful, and the historical era itself is really interesting. If you like your period dramas, this is for you!

  5.  gripping psychological drama


    Great to see Claire Danes back on form as the highly troubled CIA agent Carrie Mathison, this series had me on the edge of my seat and the finale was excruciatingly tense! I found the backdrop of modern-day war and political turmoil really interesting as well as the way the two main characters Carrie and Brody developed over the course of the series. If you like high quality, gripping drama, you will love this, believe all the hype.

  6.  must see


    I love this film. the screenplay is outstanding as are the performances from Damon, Affleck, Minnie Driver, Stellan Skarsgard and the ever-brilliant Robin Williams. It manages to mix humour with heartfelt drama and emotion, definitely worth adding to your collection.

  7.  family guy teddybear


    A film that definitely got funnier for me as it went on, there was a lot of Family Guy humour (as you would expect) some of which worked, some of which didn't. Overall though very funny and an original concept for a comedy which was refreshing to see.

  8.  clever comedy


    I rated Series 2 more than series 1, very funny still, the relationship drama between Sean and Beverly bubbles along well, quite sad in parts, and Matt Le Blanc is entertaining as always even if he is basically Joey rehashed. This one quietly hooks you, definitely worth a watch.

  9.  a must own disney


    I love revisiting the classic Disney films, they make me very nostalgic about my childhood and all the films that really stuck with me as I grew up. This is such a timeless story, I haven't seen it in ages, can't wait for my copy to arrive!

  10.  a simple and beautiful story


    This is the definition of a beautiful world cinema title - a poignant but simple story, effortlessly acted and very believable. Cyril is a troubled character but thankfully not the stereotypically damaged beyond help child we often see in these types of storylines. Instead the focus is on hope, and more importantly the hope and good that Samantha, the hairdresser who fosters Cyril on weekends, sees in him.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this, one of the best films I've seen so far this year.