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  1.  Oh! Do, my Johnny Boker, We'll all go on a jamboree........


    I would have to say the best one yet! Variety of missions, landscape, ship battles, combat, story. It does have it all, back to its best!
    As we know though, nothing is perfect. My only issues are eavesdropping missions, the modern day element, I have no interest in sneaking around an office hacking computers. Now executions, explosions, rum swilling and chasing the ladies, that's why I play the game!

  2.  And so it ends.....


    Excellent game, game play, story, weapons, I could go on. I've played thru twice, will probably hit it up one more time to secure a different relationship! I read a number of reviews where people slated the ending, which seemed from what I've read that unless you had the the dlc you couldn't get the perfect one, this was correct. However it is just a game.
    I'll look for the trilogy to come out now as never played the first one.

  3.  Back to the days of Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers


    As my title suggests for those that ever played it, a very strategy orientated and thinking mans game, not just run and gun. Very detailed and organised with a lot of variety in game and back at base with research, engineering, keeping " The Council " happy.
    A lot of satisfaction when you flank an enemy or they stray into your sights whilst in overwatch and you blow their extra terrestrial brains out!
    Not for those who love a paced game.......

  4.  Superb!


    Absolutely brilliant game, start to finish. Being a PS3 owner never played ME1, which doesn't effect this game at all. Racked up close to 45 hours of pure fun. It has it all, great story, characters, graphics, game play, space totty and serious guns, similar to Rogue Troopers mighty firearm! Can't wait till ME3 arrives!

  5.  Driving Miss Daisy....


    It seems you are the only one in this game who can drive, and that's what you seem to be doing for most of the game with some shooting and beatings thrown in. When combat is thrown in, very good cover system and weapon variety. Fist fighting is also more than just button mashing, you try and wade in with the haymakers and you'll be flat on your back! All in ok game at this price and some extras thrown in, although these seem anti climax after main story.

  6.  Just gets better, almost....


    I've played AC1 and 2. 1 started to get repetitive, 2 was far more varied. BH is better still, although similar, new weapons and use of other assassins is a plus. Only downside is once you start sequence 8,it rolls on that's the game, no more free roam until main story complete, echoes of Fallout 3 finale. Also, although major part of the story, the less time in present with Desmond the better!

  7.  Requires patience!


    This game requires way too much patience. I love an RPG, but the constant dying followed by repeating of levels,respawning of slain enemy's and no check points was too much for me. You don't even get a choice as to what difficulty you play at! I hope this is corrected for Dark Souls.