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  1.  Didn't dissapoint


    As i am a fan of Randy Orton this DVD was perfect and even more perfect that Play.com sold it, it was a very nicely made DVD and showed amazing matches from the recent and not so recent matches of Randy Ortons wrestling career
    i would highly recommend this DVD

  2.  Great DVD


    i was so excited when i saw Play.com sold this DVD as i am a big fan of CM Punk.
    I couldnt wait for it as soon as i ordered it, it diidn't dissapoint it was greatly made and gave a great insight in to the life of CM Punk.
    I would highly recommend this DVD

  3. Angel



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     A sin to miss!


    This book i had bought a long time ago was just sitting there on my bookshlf for ages.
    Then when i picked it up and started to read it, it was amasing. I could not put it down.
    The plot is of our world but invaded of angelspeople think they are beautiful an they are a blessing but really they are feeding of them and making them ill every time they feed on them.
    It is based around a teenage girl who is a angel/human named Willow and a teenage boy named Alex. Alex hunts angels for a livin and Wilow should be his enemy but whn something turns out to not so quite with this angel he doesn't kill her.
    He doesn't kill her because the angles think that she could destroy there existance.
    The angels go looking for Willow and Alex.
    Whille they are looking for her Alex's and Willow's relationship flurishes with the detail aswell that you are literally screaming at the book "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!!!".
    But can Willow do what she was meant to do, destroy the angel kind?
    It will leave you wanting so much more. You just get a taste of it in this book hopefully in the next one you will get the whole thing!
    Cannot wait! I would reccomend this to anyone who enjoys a love story that jsut can't be!

  4.  Really good!


    This book is well structured.
    It is heart stoping at the thought of a person who eveolves into a love she just can't have but another she can
    It makes you feel it every step of the way on family feelings to lust feelings.
    It really pulls on your heart strings and you imagination to view things in a different light.
    It took me a whille t decide to come out of my Twilight phase and discover new things but when i did. Damn, it was good!!!!
    I owuld recommend this to anyone who like a sorry with a rel and unconitional love so close they are techinicaly in the same body!

  5.  Heart renching!


    I normally don't think much of sequels I don't think they evr do he first book justice at all.
    But Crescendo definately did Hush,Hush justice. There is a number of things that happen n this book. It was like a rollercoster.
    It started of at the top beautifully then heart renching pain brought you down and then you got short glimmers of things that made you aim for the sky and the ll the way back down again.
    I cannot wait for Silence I cannot wait till it comes out!!
    Thi is how a true sequel should be!!!!!!

  6.  Amazing!


    This book is -Mysterious -sexy -page turner etc
    This is my favourite book of all time. I got it and i read it within a couple of hours. It is beautifully written with great strucure. I love Patch!!!!!!! I would recommend this to anyone who is a sucker for a story that grabs you by the hair and drags you into the depths of hot, sexy and unconditional love!!!