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  1.  What a let down. What's hot seat mode?


    I was really hoping that this game would improve on it's predecessor and allow more than one person to play using one game and one console simply by passing the machine to the other player. In the text it mentions "hotseat" mode which is what I presumed would be the ability to hand it over. Yet I can't find this ability anywhere and it seems that to be able to play against another person you need to have 2 DS's!
    I feel ripped off - it's no better than the 2008 version.

  2.  Don't take them in the sun!


    Good quality sound - excellent base as long as you wear them correctly. A thousand times better than the ones that come free with an Ipod. However - don't take them in the sun! The wiring is of very poor quality and the casing will melt in the sun. I've been away for a week and was sunbathing with them on - now the wiring is all melted and twisted and you can see the wiring in several places. I've just ordered a pair of Denon AHC551's as a replacement.

  3.  Play before you buy


    Having played this game both online and single player I'd advise anyone to play it before you buy it. Have a look at the online forums is another idea. The game has it's plus points but also lots of bad ones. The graphics are good, some of the landscapes and buildings are exceptional. However, the lack of movement on characters lips when speaking looks ridiculous when compared to HalfLife2, Ep2. The game is incredibly repetitive. Kill some demons, level up, get a bigger gun, kill some more demons etc. I was really looking forward to the release of this game but with hindsight if I'd been able to test it first I'd not have bothered. Can't wait for Crysis