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  1.  classic bond


    i have to say i loved the first goldeneye and spent alot of time on it as a kid as did most people my age when the new one came along i didnt expect a remake as that wouldnt have been good enough the frist bond game was good for its time but it had no real rival now the new game has the basic same level dam , run way , jungle etc all redone to a good level i really enjoyed this game its nice to relive some memerys and even if you never played the frist it well worth playing this with smooth controls and graphics a good flow through the levels and not a bad story remake etheir

  2. Rage



    9 New from  £9.44  Free delivery

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     really fun game


    enjoyed this game all the way some really fun missions and side missions with mutant bash tv is so fun to play over and over its also a good way to farm the money and trophys good game to play sound story and graphics not as long as boarderlands or the like but still worth going for

  3.  really fun game


    really cool game with nice land scapes and animals fun to play in both modes with the rda ( humans ) or the navi differnt to the film but works well would highly recomend

  4.  back to its roots


    really good game and back to its roots playing 3rd person enjoyable all the way through with all the guns you'd want good story with good cut scenes and sound graphics not open world but as i said back to its roots like the first two on the ps2 yes its had mixed review but that prob from the people who never played the first one's and only played the thrid game guerrilla the open world one

  5.  instant classic


    a truely amazing game everything from graphics to game play the story to the leveling up ive played alot of games over the years and this is one of best way ahead of anything thats about now and its gonna take some thing big to beat it

  6.  the real bulletstorm


    such a good game action all the way good graphics story weapons kills the name says it all a great first person

  7. Nail'd



    4 New from  £10.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £25.44



    this game starts off ok but you soon end up doing the same thing on the same quad and bike yeah one quad and bike on the same tracks over and over again after a hour or so your left wishing you never got it if your into off road games id say go for pure or motorstorm there much more enjoyable

  8.  really under rated game


    just finished this game for the third time its so easy to pick up and play with great flow and enjoyable levels not really sure about the bad reveiws can only think its the brain dead COD lovers who have never played a good game before the only down side would be its not the longest but its great to play over and again which more than makes up for it

  9.  exciting game


    found this game really fun to play the whole way through with good puzzles and end bosses and a huge map with different land scapes and powers ups fun game hard to put down and a good length to boot