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  1.  A great hard drive for PS3.


    Bought this at same time as a new PS3 Slim to replace my old fat PS3 and it installed easily into the Slim (Sony made the hard drive on the Slim even easier to replace than on the original PS3) and formatted just fine. Good price for a large capacity and well made hard drive. Very happy with my purchase.

  2.  Not for me but if you like RPGs give it a go


    I have to disagree with people saying this is the best PS3 game. It's just not. I don't mind hard games at all but it simply doesn't feel like it rewards your well for perserverance and it's just not all that fun to play and got very boring very quickly for me. I would give it 2 stars but I'm going with 3 as I can see it's pretty well made and would appeal to people more into this genre. I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore and went back to playing the true best PS3 game Uncharted 2.

  3.  Very useful item for a great price


    I've wanted something like this for a while but was put off by higher prices or lesser quality products. This one though I've been using for the past day and it's been great. It looks good, doesn't take up much room, is sturdy, can charge two pads at once on the main dock and also has two USB ports to plug anything else in. Thanks to this I can now charge my joypads and PSP in a nice tidy way without needing the PlayStation 3 on thanks to this having it's own power supply unit.

    I did have a lil problem getting my PSP charging with it but that was down to the custom firmware I use on it and I've fixed the problem. The PSP now charges fine.

    For 5.99 it's a bargain and definitely worth buying. First time I've said that about a non-Sony product for my PlayStation.

  4.  Superb figure


    This figure is the first of the movie's Human Alliance line. A series of larger built Transformers figures that have a human companion with them who can sit inside them in vehicle form and even sit/stand on various places on the robot form usually manning some gun or rocket launcher or something.

    Good: It's a lot bigger than the Deluxe and even a bit bigger than most Voyager figures. Not as big as Ultimate sized but better for it as it's more stable and accurate and also the vehicle mode is 'hollowed' out meaning it has a steering wheel and two seats for human figures to sit on. The figure is very articulated and posable. It always has several weapons that unfold from various places that Sam Witwicky can position himself as though he's firing them. Also it's the only Bumblebee figure to not only include his battle mask but have it as an actual flip down mask rather than solidly molded as part of the head.

    Bad: The legs on mine were the wrong way round. The wheels are meant to face outwards with the dark gray section facing in. Easily fixed with a screwdriver exchanging the legs at the hips. Also the instructions are a bit strange in that they don't mention the kneepads unfolding in the main transformation which it should. They're only shown on the back with the other special feature bits. Strange, as when transformed correctly they help eliminate the awful Alternator Mirage knee design that was also present in the Universe Sideswipe and Sunstreaker figures, and unfolded reveals more accurate detailing too.. The seats as the forearms armor bugs me a little but it's not too bad. The chest parts that come forward and angle up to create the more cgi accurate chest design are a bit springly and have a tendency to spring back into their car mode position if knocked. Transformation (like most of the larger movie figures) may be a bit too complicated for some kids (or adults) but that's what the simpler Fast Action Battler line is for so go buy those instead of downrating these superior figures, thanks.

    Overall a fantastic Transformers figure that is well worth the money and even beats the excellent Deluxe Bumblebee figure in my opinion. It's great to have the lil Sam figure too who is pretty well articulated for his size. With this, Skids and Sideswipe, RotF's Human Aliiance range has become my favorite Transformers toyline ever. Since I was a kid I had wanted them to have decent human figures to sit inside the vehicle forms and the closest there has been were the Headmasters and the Kissplayer line (but we don't mention that vile series). I already own the first three figures and apparently more are on the way. I hope this is true because if they're up to this standard I'll want them all.

  5.  Works beautifully and a great price


    Upgraded my PS3 from 40gb to this 500gb and it just feels so much better not having to delete older games to fit more on. Got all my games, mp3's and movies on there and still plenty left. Also have installed YellowDog Linux on it just fine as the PS3's Other OS to make it a desktop PC meaning I can use Firefox, emulators and connect to MSN with it too.
    The hard drive came packed very well too, within it's own box and then inside another box with that air pillow type of packaging to keep it safe on it's journey to you. Installation was easy, the screws on my PS3's drive bay thing weren't tight at all so easily unscrewed.
    I'm really happy with my purchase.

  6.  A big improvement


    This is a totally new mold rather than re-release or retool of the 2007 figure and like Leader Prime is much improved over the original for a number of reasons:

    Good: Much sleeker and more accurate jet form which conceals the robot parts far better than the 2007 figure. A vastly different and very interesting transformation. He has hands this time around. His missile launchers on his arms may remind ya of G1 Screamers nullrays. The 'tattoo' paint scheme looks great.

    Bad: I found the back of his robot form a bit tricky to position. Not sure if I'm missing some trick there. His hands are sorta visible in plane mode but not that big a deal. Other than that I really like the figure even if he's a lil bit smaller than the original 2007 version.

    A fantastic representation of the movie Starscream CGI model. Shame the Skywarp and Ramjet figures coming out use the original mold rather than this one as this is excellent.

  7.  Another quality edition of the Bumblebee mold


    The concept camaro Bumblebee from the first movie was a fantastic Transformers figure. One of the best in the entire history of the franchise. Great vehicle form, great robot form and decent articulation, so it's maybe not too much of a surprise the first toy of Bumblebee for the new movie is actually a slightly retooled version of that figure.

    Good: It's the concept camaro Bumblebee again which can't be a bad thing, this time he's got a new head, which is slightly larger and more accurate to the movie CGI model. The 'horns/ears' stick out more and his face is generally more detailed even if the eyes look like they're trying to see right through to your soul :P The missile launcher arm is alright though mine at least seems to have a flaw (mentioned below). I was able to switch the arm with that of my older Bumblebee figure too whenever I choose. The racing stripes like the Premium version of the first movie's figure is correctly done so it has the thin black stripes outlining the thicker ones which is something that was missing from the earlier versions. The front of the car (which becomes his chest) is remolded too to match the updated Camaro in the new film (and now looks even more like the car in Burnout Paradise which was based on Bumblebee to begin with). And don't worry about the car form photo above, the front of the car fits together much more smoothly than that.

    Bad: Ok sure it's the same basic mold we've had before but it was so good the first time around I don't see that as a problem. Some more paint apps would have been nice though I tend to fix them up myself so it doesn't bother me that much (though it does have more paint apps than the photo shows, for example the real figure has yellow detailing on the arms the photo doesn't). The missile launcher is alright though the projectile seems too long to sit properly in the launcher. The waist joint is a little loose but not too much of a problem.

    Overall: It's still a great Transformers figure and it certainly looks better than the Cannon Bumblebee coming out, though the Human Alliance Bumblebee (transforms differently and comes with a Sam Witwicky figure to place inside his car form) looks impressive. If you already own the previous movie Bumblebee figure this might not be worth the money for what it's essentially the same figure with modifications. But it is slightly more accurate and would look great with your RotF collection.

    A four out of five for me. A great figure if a bit familiar. I'm saving the five stars for Leader Optimus Prime which I've pre-ordered which from what I've seen so far is gonna deserve them.

  8.  Good redesign of an old favorite


    Despite Soundwave having been a popular character in the G1 cartoon I must say I wasn't a fan of him in that finding him a bit dull (despite the voice effect) whereas his comic version seemed to have more personality and a habit of manipulating even his own comrades. Due to popular demand he's been reincarnated for the movie line due to his appearance in the upcoming live action sequel (which looks fantastic from the trailers). It's a bit strange how he's one of the first figures yet so little of him has been shown in the movie clips so far. He has a missile which is more detailed and sculpted than TF projectiles usually are. Read somewhere that it's Ravage, that he shoots from space, and then transforms when on Earth. The missile here doesn't transform (would be too small and fiddly to be worthwhile) and a proper larger Ravage figure is out later anyways.

    Good: Nice homage in face and color scheme to the G1 character while with the complex and intricate. He's a cool looking figure and he always looks like he's ready for a rumble (G1 pun not intended) with his clenched fists and stocky frame, even if it doesn't really fit his personality.

    Bad: Only bad things I'd say are he's a lil bit fiddly to transform, and he's quite small even for a Deluxe being a head or so shorter than Bumblebee. And there isn't much different between his satellite and jet modes.

    Overall: A great figure though I would have preferred him in the Voyager class or at least made as tall as the other Deluxes. Worth buying. Certainly my favorite design of Soundwave even if he lacks the 'fun' value of having transformable minions stored inside him.

  9.  Great fun


    Yeah it's God of War - Wolverine edition, but those are two excellent things on their own and combined it's just the most purely (and brutally) fun game I've played in ages. I've had it for the last 6 hours and about 5 of those I've been hacking and slashing and slicing and dicing and it still doesn't feel dull. Graphics are decent, the best being the bosses and Wolverine himself. The Hugh Jackman likeness is good and the visual damage he takes and heals from looks great. Sound/music/voice acting all good and the controls feel fine, the combat and movement of Wolvie is done very well.
    To be honest I'm finding this even more addictive and playable than even God of War. Maybe it's that I just like Wolverine himself more than Kratos or maybe this game's just more fun. I dunno. Don't have to choose anyways on the PS3, ya can have it all.
    It doesn't do much new, it's not clever and the 'puzzles' won't tax your brain much at all, but if it's simple and gorey fun you won't (which pretty much does it for me) then get this game. I sold the awful Prince of Persia (crap combat in that game) and the dull Fallout 3 (yeah other people love this game but after 20 hours I put into it and not one second of fun I can't stand to play anymore) to help buy this game and I don't regret it at all. For me this is what gaming is about. Instant fun with a satisfying combat system and manages to be both an excellent movie game and comic game in one. I won't say it's perfect cos it ain't, but I'm sure gonna be playing this often even after I've completed it a few times and I don't feel that way about a lot of modern games.

  10.  The best Street Fighter movie


    First saw this movie well over a decade ago and it still hasn't been beat as far as Street Fighter movies and video game movie adaptations in general as far as I'm concerned. I've seen both the US and Japanese versions and I have to say I far prefer the US one especially the soundtrack which actually introduced me to several great bands I didn't know of at the time which I thank it for. Seeing Chun Li Vs Vega set to the song 'Ultra' by KMFDM is easily one of my all time favorite anime moments.