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  1.  summer athletics


    Come on u guys dont be soft...back in the 80s on the commodore 64 the old games of this type required the wiggle of left and right on the joystick great arm excercise never mind the old button bashing (thats for wimps) just enjoy the game for what it is and stop complaining about the excercise.

  2.  shenmue2


    this game is truely a classic an experience not to be missed i know this games pretty old now (in game terms) but even today no game on any console including 360 and ps3(with all their capabilities) compares to shenmue, maybe thats because sega did spend so many millions of pounds to preduce this game...its in the record books today for being the most expensively made game ever...and still the best game ever the second best game ever is shenmue 1. for the same reasons...pure brilliance and class.

  3.  yes mav i agree


    the pc version will be better that the ps2 version after all ps2 games are made on pcs...(you didnt think the ps2 has a keyboard where people programme games for it,did you) yes this is a must buy game.

  4.  lendary


    i have never been a barry manillow follower i bought this dvd because it was cheap and i knew a coiple of songs on it but after i put it in my dvd player and started playing it i found it very difficult to press the skip button i was amazed by the quality of his voice and the words in his songs are of very high quality, after watching this dvd my opinion about this man has changed its a great buy very romantic also.

  5.  brilliant


    what a perfomance in front of about 80,000 fans this concert shows why robbie has the confidence to love himself and think hes someone special. basically because he is .this concert also shows how far hes come since take that..takes someone special to throw a concert this big..(well done robbie you will be a legend) and heres the proof.



    brilliant concert impossible to listen to without joining in is songs...bryans best concert so far totally unmissable experience..what a genius.

  7.  great stuff


    great hits dvd all with superb sound only downside is that crazy for you and everybody is missing ?



    this is good compilation of elvis hits ...but this is only the same as an audio cd that plays in a dvd player...i bought this product thinking it contains videos because its called audio dvd...but it dosnt so dont expect to see any video footage all you get is a black screen and audio sound.

  9.  elton at his best


    what an awesome concert from an awesome guy. this dvd surely sells itself by the title ELTON JOHN - ONE NIGHT ONLY. one night only is all you need to know wow

  10.  paul as his best


    this is an awesome dvd .where you get to watch paul singing some beatles songs to the american audience and as i was watching this dvd i noticed some american fans were crying and wiping there eyes while paul was singing songs like "all my loving" and blackbird" the funny thing was is that even though these songs were before my time i also found myself with tears in my own eyes..and this dvd almost put me in the picture as to what it must have really been like when the beatles were once around..this is not just a dvd i found it to also be an experience and an education.. BRILLIANT.